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Episode 40: Robin Hood – Cheap Quotable Thrills

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The Rotoscopers gang is back in action in this extra long episode, where they talk about one of their all-around favorite Disney animated classics: Robin Hood!


  • Chelsea tells about how she got to hang out with rock legend Alice Cooper.
  • Mini reviews of Epic and Monsters University.
  • Mason’s previews Despicable Me 2 and shares his how he has the plot of Turbo all figured out.
  • Interview with Rotoscopers’ writer Mayra Amaya!
  • Main Discussion: Robin Hood–the holy grail of funny Disney films.
  • Voice acting filled with Disney veterans (read Blake’s opinion piece about Robin Hood’s voice actors); Accents = proper English and backwood rednecks.
  • A little history of Disney’s Xerox era.
  • Disney’s Robin Hood origins: Reynard the Fox.
  • Introduction uses reused animation, “Whistle Stop” = hamster dance, intro to Robin Hood and Little John, justification.
  • Sir Hiss is a well designed character; Prince John is a weak, pathetic, hilarious villain; “Beautiful, lovely TEXAS!”
  • Morgan’s “solid gold hub caps”, the honorable sheriff of Nottingham, wolves are always the villains.
  • Clucky is the sassy black woman; Maid Marian; the little critter children; blundering Friar Tuck.
  • The archery tournament: Sir Reginald Duke of Chutney, are you sick of the quotes yet?.
  • The scene & song that stops the momentum: “Love.”
  • “The Phony King of England”: jamming to Bluegrass all night; reused animation; becomes a top-40 hit overnight.
  • Songs: what is the best song?
  • Different versions of the DVD; alternate endings; the marriage!
  • We rate it!
  • Bloopers. Lots of out-of-context bloopers.

Runtime: 1:40:28; 51.8 MB

YouTube Blu-Ray Review:


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