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‘Frozen’ Video Leaked! Features First Look at Animation & Intro from Chris Buck

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frozen-castle-disneyWell, it’s not official and will probably be pulled, but a video recently surfaced featuring the first-animation from Disney’s upcoming film, Frozen!

The video was leaked on Disney Greece’s youtube page, but it’s unclear if it were supposed to release it (it seems strange that Disney Greece would be given a watermarked version to put up, even if the clip was supposed to be officially released soon).

A poster in the dvdizzy forum discovered the video first. The sneak-peak reel features many unfinished and unrendered scenes from “Disney Animation Studios’ 2013 animated comedy adventure Frozen”, but gives a glimpse into character designs and models. Featured prominently are Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and Olaf.

The video appears to have been made or cleared on 7/25/12, which is a few weeks before Destination D where concept art for Frozen was shown. Destination D was held in the first few weeks of August, so the video and materials might have been prepared for that event. However, I don’t recall seeing this video or ANY Frozen animation or video sneak peaks at Destination D. (If this was prepared for Destination D, what happened?)

Elsa and her hair look a bit different in the video. David Gilson (princekido on dvdizzy) said the characters and concepts are from a previous version. Also, maybe it’s just me, but I really liked the platinum blonde version of Anna better than the strawberry blonde that she is now. Also, we get to see a glimpse at the two castles: the kingdom where Anna and Elsa live and the icy palace fortress that Elsa creates in the mountains.

An someone who is hotly anticipating this movie (despite the lack of promotional materials from the Mouse House), this clip gets me very excited. I’m not surprised there aren’t any completed scenes to show, considering the clip is from nearly a year ago. I expect that a lot more animation has been completed since then. That being said, even Wreck-It Ralph was about 30-40% complete when I saw it at the test screening six months before its release.

This isn’t the first pieces of Frozen that have been leaked. Back in February, three fake posters that showed Elsa and Anna’s fully rendered CGI designs were leaked. And just last week, the soundtrack’s tracklist was leaked (it’s unconfirmed whether it’s real or not).

Maybe Elsa cursed Disney’s marketing team and they’re frozen in time, unable to release the materials. Whatever Disney’s reasoning, I think it’s about time that we got some official clips, trailers and posters soon.

Watch below before it gets pulled! Also, check out some stills from the video below.

[UPDATE 12:19 PST 4/24/13] The video has been pulled. And, per the request of Disney, we have removed the screen caps.

What are your thoughts on the animation? Are you liking the film and character more?

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