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Animation Addicts 30: A Goofy Movie – It’s SO Nineties!

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The Rotoscopers kick off the new year with an old Disney classic, A Goofy Movie!


  • News: Disney Infinity Video GameThe Rotoscopers YouTube channel, Mason’s big news
  • Where’s Mason been?
  • Main discussion: A Goofy Movie
  • Goof 101: What is a Goof?
  • One word to describe this film: 90s!
  • Chelsea’s very first DVD and iTunes album purchase
  • One of the best Disney soundtracks ever?
  • Goofy: voiced by our very own Bill Farmer
  • Max: voiced by Jason Marsden aka “that one guy from that one show”
  • Pete: voiced by Jim Cummings aka “THE voice actor from the 90s”
  • Roxanne: the world’s most awesome 90s shorts
  • PJ: voiced by Bob Paulson; Stacy’s a fast talker; Robert “Bobby” Zimeruski; Lester
  • Favorite scenes: opening dream, school assembly, live-action “After Today”
  • Max blew his chance with the hot girl
  • Is Max’s lie worse than Aladdin’s?
  • Lake Destiny, ID is actually Lake Destiny, GA!
  • “On the Open Road”: the original “Trashing the Camp,” undead guy, random nuns
  • Lester’s Possum Park: County Bear’s Jamboree knock-off, mob of crazy kids
  • Bigfoot encounter: Pete’s RV is not Lorax approved, the perfect cast, Bigfoot with headphones, awkward car scene, Max’s therapeutic post card
  • The perfect cast saves the day in more ways than one
  • Powerline concert: combo of Prince and Will Smith, one song?
  • IMDB A Goofy Movie thesis
  • Conundrums: Max already has plans with his dad, Max didn’t learn his lesson?
  • We rate it!

Runtime: 1:23:08, 40.0 MB


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