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Fan-favorite Studio Ghibli Films Receiving New Blu-ray & DVD Editions this Fall

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This fall will be a perfect time to fill in the gaps in your Studio Ghibli collection. Animation distributor GKIDS is partnering with Studio Ghibli to release the studio’s most popular films in all-new Blu-ray and DVD editions (IndieWire).

The first six titles will hit shelves on October 17: Howl’s Moving Castle, Kiki’s Delivery Service, My Neighbor Totoro, Ponyo, Princess Mononoke, and Spirited Away—all films directed by Miyazaki himself. New editions of Castle in the Sky and Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind will follow on October 31. Other films that will receive the same Blu-Ray and DVD treatment in later months include Porco Rosso and Tales from Earthsea.

Movie still from Studio Ghibli's My Neighbor Totoro

GKIDS is currently handling the Studio Ghibli Fest 2017, which sees several of these same films returning to U.S. theaters for limited engagements. See Fathom Events for more details and to purchase tickets.


What do you think about the new releases? Will you be adding any to your Studio Ghibli collection or sticking to the copies you already have?

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  • Phoenix Wright

    It’s a shame that Disney lost the rights to these. I already own them all so there’s really no point in buying them again

    • Manuel Orozco

      Very sad to hear!

      • ArnoldLayne


        • Manuel Orozco

          Because they’re how I got into Studio Ghibli

    • Amber Dvorak

      I agree with this; these kinds of rereleases are great for people who don’t already own the films in some modern format, but if you already do, there’s usually not enough to justify purchasing them again. It actually surprises me a bit that rereleases are still popular at all with the advent of streaming services.

  • Manuel Orozco

    To be honest, as much as I like some of these movies, I’ve just not been interested in the latest re releases of them. I’m even surprised Disney lost the home video rights.

    • Amber Dvorak

      I think these editions are great for people who don’t already own the films in some modern format, but there are only so many editions of a single film that a person can buy. It’s interesting too that we keep seeing rereleases like this even with the rise in popularity of streaming services.

  • ArnoldLayne

    New scans / restoration or the same discs as are out by Disney?

  • I am probably fine with the copy of Spirited Away that I own, but man, it’s so good every new release makes me tempted! 🙂