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Pixar Developing FOUR Original Movies

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A few years ago, Pixar and Disney president Ed Catmull said the studio would produce an original movie every year and a sequel every other year. With the current crop of announced films, it looked like they weren’t going to fulfill that promise. After all, Finding Dory just came out and Cars 3, the Incredibles II and Toy Story 4 are in the horizon. But after the superhero sequel comes out in 2019 the next four Pixar movies will be originals, according to Pixar President Jim Morris. And that means since Disney’s acquisition of Pixar in 2006 there will have been 14 original movies and 7 sequels by the time these four come out, thus fulfilling the promise Catmull made years ago.

This does mean we won’t get sequels to Up, Wall-E or Ratatouille but those are movies that don’t need sequels. And the promise to see new worlds and characters is very exciting. The last streak of original movies we got from the people in Emeryville was Monsters, Inc, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Cars, Ratatouille, Wall-E and Up, the streak that pushed Pixar into the stratosphere and culminated with the second ever nominated animated movie for Best Picture at the Academy Awards and a certain scene that makes some people cry.


Have a happy day!

As for dates and directors, we know the first two are being released in March and June of 2020 and that Pete Docter (Monsters, Inc, Up, Inside Out) is developing one of them. So we’ll keep you updated as the news come!

So, are you excited about this news? What directors would you like to see helming these four originals? 

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