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Animation Addicts 126: ‘Finding Dory’ – Octophile

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The Rotoscopers couldn’t hold back their excitement to discuss Pixar’s new sequel Finding Dory!


  • Nerdy Couch Discussion: Piper (2016)
  • Main Discussion: Finding Dory (2016)
  • First thoughts and expectations–it blew us out of the water!
  • Improvements in the animation, except for Marlin
  • Were Marlin and Nemo necessary?
  • New characters: Hank the septipus, Bailey the Beluga and Destiny the whale shark.
  • Where’s Maya Rudolph in this film?
  • Baby Dory is adorable. Heart eyes for those eyes!
  • Where are all the easter eggs in Finding Dory?
  • Where does this rank as far as Pixar sequels go? Do you prefer Zootopia or Finding Dory?
  • Voicemail: Daniel, Dylan

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  • SwanburneGirl

    My friend pointed out Darla on the bulletin board! I honestly wouldn’t have noticed that. She said that whenever there’s a bulletin board or shelf full of stuff or something in a Pixar movie. she looks for Easter eggs. Smart.

    • Monkey

      You sure she didn’t see that earlier, it was in the trailer

  • “Piper” moved me as much as “Finding Dory”. The Rotoscopers described it perfectly; the moment after Piper has his first encounter with beach waves and then we see him terrified, shaking, and twitching back in his nest. I thought, “Oooh, you poor baby!” That’s the face of every toddler I know who has faced a scary experience; a freaky clown yelling “hello!” in your face, going on a huge ride, and definitely beach waves can freak out kids.

    Also familiar is Piper opening his mouth and waiting for Mommy to feed him. (“Wanna treat!” “More crackers!” “Juiiiiice!”) Much to his dismay, he has to go back outside his comfort zone to find food. His experience learning from the crabs and burying himself in the sand tells a story without words; the child learning to do something on their own. It definitely resonates those times as a kid I thought, “No, never again!” but had to go back and face the scary experience to get what I wanted.

  • Brooks Austin

    I went to see Finding Dory yesterday and I enjoyed it a lot. I thought it was heartwarming and emotional and I loved the humor a lot. I personally prefer Zootopia myself as I really loved the message of Zootopia and I loved the unique characters and setting of that world. I also felt like Finding Dory felt a little bit rushed and I was surprised at how quick it went. I would have liked it to have slowed down and showed us more of Dory’s childhood, especially her friendship with Destiny. But I genuinely enjoyed it and I thought it was a worthy sequel to the original and the first five minutes succeeded in making me cry. I gave Finding Dory a very strong four out of five star rating myself.

  • Sarah/ Princess Morgan

    I saw it twice 😀 I loved it! But Zootopia > Finding Dory

  • Marielle

    I didn’t like Finding Dory because whereas Finding Nemo is a story about fish doing fish things, Finding Dory seems to forget that they are just fish. When Marlin and Coral have children, they lay hundreds of eggs, and only because they get eaten does Martin end up with only Nemo. Then Dory’s parents have only one child and there’s no explanation for it. They act like human parents spending years looking for their daughter. Also, in Finding Nemo, the “great escape” is carefully thought out as something that fish could do: block the aquarium filter. In Finding Dory, the great escape involves driving a car and other deus ex machina. If fish can jump around so much, escaping from the dentist’s office should have been easy. It sort of disrespects the first movie a little bit in my opinion.