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[UPDATE] Disney Announces ‘Wreck-it Ralph’ Sequel

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Get ready to wreck some stuff again as Disney Animation just announced a sequel to its 2012 hit film Wreck-it Ralph will hit theaters in 2018. The breaking news was announced via a Facebook livestream session featuring the original film’s director, Rich Moore, who is also set to return the sequel.

It was announced that the film will hit theaters on Gigantic‘s original release date, March 9 2018 and John C. Reilly is set to return as the film’s titular character, Ralph. In the livestream it was announced that in the sequel, Ralph will leave the arcade and wreck the internet. A first piece of concept art from the film was released which can be found below.


Collider sat down with director Rich Moore to discuss some details on the sequel. While it’s currently still untitled, he revealed that the sequel might get the title Super Wreck-it Ralph. Moore revealed that they have worked on the sequel for 2 years now, before jumping on Zootopia as a co-director in the fall of 2014 a first draft of the script had been completed. Last December there was a table read and  they’re currently storyboarding the film. Moore confirmed that Ralph and Vanellope will be back for the sequel and they’re working hard on getting most of the supporting characters and cast back as well.

Rich Moore is back in the director’s chair and Phil Johnston, who co-wrote the original Wreck-it Ralph and Zootopia, has joined him as a co-director. Producer of the original Clark Spencer will produce and John C. Reilly will return as Ralph.

The sequel to Disney’s Wreck-it Ralph is set to open in theaters on March 9, 2018.

What do you think of this announcement? Are you excited for the Wreck-it Ralph sequel?

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