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Episode 12: Anastasia – Rasputin, The Dork of the Night

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The gang is back together for a full episode. This episode features a long discussion about the 1997 animated classic Anastasia. And where did the Nerdy Couch Discussion go, you may ask? Don’t worry, this episode is a bit unconventional and the NCD is nestled in the middle of the main discussion.


  • News: Maggie Simpsons 3D short, Pixar Disney California Cruise, A Cat in Paris released
  • Main Discussion: Don Bluth and Gary Goldman’s Anastasia
  • Gary Goldman: the forgotten part of the Bluth duo
  • Is Anastasia the pinnacle of Don and Gary’s career?
  • “My Fair Lady” plot?
  • Making-of featurettes hosted by…Aaliyah?
  • Mini Nerdy Couch Discussion:  R&B songs over the credits in the 90s
  • Gangster Anastasia & greasy Dimitri
  • Why do so many people think Anastasia is a Disney movie?
  • Dimitri: face doesn’t match the actor, best looking animated mantagonist?, “I don’t know what to tell you”
  • Anastasia: a witty romcom leading lady; grand duchess, not princess; first to elope,
  • Where would Anastasia rank among the Disney princesses?
  • Would there be an uprising by Disney or Bluth fans is Disney bought the rights to Anastasia?
  • Rasputin: should we fear or pity him as the villain?, eternal leprosy
  • Mason’s 3 reasons why Rasputin is a pathetic villain
  • Bartok and Rasputin’s unhealthy relationship
  • Conspiracy time and villain metaphysics: no time in limbo aka the TIME VORTEX!
  • Why do kings always keep the creepy advisors around?
  • Pooka: the REAL villain of the movie, throwaway character
  • Sophie: voice actress thought her character’s design was too big
  • Vladimir: member of the royal court, quotes
  • Need to know Russian history to understand the film?
  • Songs: Disney playlist worthy, “people sing when they are too emotional to talk anymore”, is “Once Upon a December” or “Journey to the Past” the more memorable song
  • Lots o’ CGI: problems with objects, beautiful layouts, innovative, the pegasus
  • Live action reference or full on rotoscoping?
  • Clarification: we don’t think rotoscoping is the greatest thing ever
  • Best scenes: travel montage, glowing mystical sparkles, very Haunted Mansion-esque ghostly people
  • Unanswered questions: Russia and Anastasia’s memory, Dimitri and the music box, Mason’s enchanted palace theory
  • Morgan and Chelsea debate Anastasia’s changing hair length
  • Listener trivia question: How do you feel about Rasputin as a villain?
  • Let’s rate it!
  • “Art of Brave” contest new deadline: June 30. Enter now!
  • Bloopers: cool ringtone, Chelsea can’t speak today, Princess Tanya

Runtime: 1:28:14, 41.4 MB

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Morgan is a native of Arizona and desert rat who loves the heat--she doesn’t even turn on the AC in her car in the middle of the summer! She loves big eyeliner, SURVIVOR, Lady Gaga, and, of course, animated films. She just graduated with her MBA in Marketing from ASU and now works as a Project Manager for a tech company. Follow her on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.
  • Norman

    Bartok did get his own movie. I think you can watch it on youtube.

    • Yeah, I knew that he was in Bartok the Magnificent (which Bluth directed), but was too lazy to correct and talk about it. Hah.

  • Nostalgia Chick did a survey of “Top Ten Hotted Animated Guys” from 1985-2002 and Dmitri was in second place, only beaten by Aladdin. Quite impressive!

  • Tom

    I think people think it’s a Disney movie not only because it’s really good just like a Disney movie, also because they’re not really into animation so they think every single “cartoon” is Disney

  • Jade

    I know the artist who drew the Hipster Disney princesses
    When she posted it she stated that she knew Anastasia wasn’t Disney.

  • June

    I wish I could find behind the scenes stuff for this movie. I’m curious to know who Dimitri and Vlad were based on.

  • I think I’d like this movie better if it were more historically correct.