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Trailer Premiereth for Pixar’s ‘Onward’ Starring Chris Pratt and Tom Holland

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“In times of old, the world was full of wonder and magic, but times change.”

These words herald the arrival of Pixar’s newest film, Onward, in theaters March 6th, 2020, from director Dan Scanlon (Monsters University). The movie stars Chris Pratt and Tom Holland as elf brothers, living in an enchanted realm like the kind we’d typically see in a medieval story but brought forward into the present day. Check out the full trailer below!


This has the makings of a signature Pixar narrative. There’s intrigue in the thorough world-building of bringing a mythological aesthetic into a modern time, but it appears (smartly) that this hook is a function rather than a driver. The story still has legs… literally [rimshot]. But for real, the plot seems to have serious depth to it as Pratt and Holland’s characters venture on their quest to revive their deceased father, if only for a day.

The brotherly contrast of personalities, the shared longing for something deeply personal, the mystery of who their father really was, the various stops and scenarios that seem to wander upon their path along the way… It has the tropes of a classic road trip film, and with Pixar at the wheel, we should be in for an exciting ride (and we’re probably going to cry somewhere).

Disney also released a reaction video of Pratt and Holland viewing the trailer for the first time.


The movie also stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Pratt and Holland’s mother, and Octavia Spencer who Pratt mentions being “The Manacore” (spelling might be off here), who seems to be a tavern owner.

What was your favorite moment from the Onward trailer?

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