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‘The Addams Family’ Movie Is Bringing “Ooky” Back

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The classic characters by cartoonist, Charles Addams, have made their way through every entertainment medium. They started in a comic strip, then went to live action and classic hand-drawn animation television series. Most recently, they made it to a live action movie franchise, and there was even a Broadway musical. Now, MGM brings us this CGI animation iteration. Let’s face it: this family can’t stay out of popular culture. So, embrace it. Bring on the snaps! This year, we’re bringing “ooky” back!

After being chased out of town by an angry mob following the wedding of Morticia and Gomez, we are introduced to the Addams family’s plight. They just want to have a home where they can buy funeral plots. So, of course, they pick New Jersey. They can’t stay hidden forever, and when a television reality show builds a town next door they have to open up and see if they can finally mix with the crowds.

It took a little bit to introduce the real conflict of the story. Once it did, though, I felt like it was predictable in all the good ways. They used classic lines from the show, and each character was true to the source material. Lurch was probably my favorite, though they all added enough comedy to keep it lighthearted.

Will it be a critical success in the way of character depth and artistic advancement? Probably not. The moral of the story kind of hits you over the head, and it’s pretty predictable. However, I wasn’t really expecting much more than what I got. I had no complaints with the voice cast. The comedic timing isn’t as good as what I remembered from the 1964, live-action television series, starring John Astin and Carolyn Jones.

For a modern family going to the movies during the fall season, this should be a fun time. It took all the best elements from the source and then added modern-day plot aspects like social media and home improvement shows. Finally, it got you singing (and snapping) at the end.

Speaking of music, I thought it had an interesting flair. Nice range of genres and styles throughout which also helped to bridge the gaps in age differences in the prospective audience.

Not a whole lot of replay value, but I could probably watch it again and laugh. If you are looking for a giggle and a hefty helping of nostalgia, this will do.

What is your favorite version of The Addams Family?

P.S. Did I really cross reference Justin Timberlake with The Addams Family? Yes, yes I did. And, I’m not sorry.

Edited by: Kelly Conley

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