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Listen to a Sneak Peek of New Song “Into the Unknown” from ‘Frozen 2’

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Today Disney released a sneak peek of a new song from Frozen 2 called “Into the Unknown” and it might just give “Let It Go” a run for its money.

Listen of “Into the Unknown”

Listen to the snippet of “Into the Unknown”, performed by Idina Menzel and written by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, below:

“Into the Unknown” is definitely an Elsa power ballad that we’ve come to expect from our favorite ice queen. We know from the newest trailer that Frozen 2 focuses on Elsa searching for a magical enchanted forest and discovering the secrets found within, so we’re guessing that Elsa sings this song leading up to or on her journey to visiting that strange new world.

“Into the Unknown” Lyrics

Here are the lyrics to the song “Into the Unknown”, sung by Queen Elsa herself:

Every day’s a little harder, as I feel my power grow
Don’t you know there’s part of me that longs to go… into the unknown!
Into the unknown!
Into the unknown!

Oh oh oh oh! Oh oh oh oh! Oh oh oh oh! Oh oh oh oh!

Into the unknown!


Frozen 2 Soundtrack Track List

Disney also released the full track list for the Frozen 2 soundtrack, which is available for pre-order now:

  1. “All is Found” – performed by Evan Rachel Wood
  2. “Some Things Never Change” – performed by Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Josh Gad and Jonathan Groff
  3. “Into the Unknown” – performed by Idina Menzel (featuring Norwegian singer AURORA)
  4.  “When I Am Older” – performed by Josh Gad
  5. “Reindeer(s) are Better than People (Cont.)” – performed by Jonathan Groff
  6. “Lost in the Woods” – performed by Jonathan Groff
  7. “Show Yourself” – performed by Idina Menzel and Evan Rachel Wood
  8. “The Next Right Thing” – performed by Kristen Bell
  9. “Into the Unknown” – performed by Panic! At The Disco (end credits)
  10. “All is Found” – performed by Kacey Musgraves (end credits)
  11. “Lost in the Woods” – performed by Weezer (end credits)

Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez composed seven all-new original songs for Frozen 2. Regarding writing these new songs, Anderson-Lopez said:

 “From the beginning of our collaboration with Jennifer Lee, Chris Buck and Peter Del Vecho, everything we’ve created has come from big questions—what is the story that we all as artists, individually and collectively, need to tell? Bobby and I approach the story through the lens of which moments of our story lead to big emotions—feelings so strong our characters can no longer talk but need to sing.”

Lopez also added:

“Our tradition of songwriting comes from the world of musical theater, where songs must always forward the story in a fresh and surprising way. Every song has to take a character on a journey.”

Frozen 2 Original Score

For the Frozen 2 score, Christophe Beck, who composed the score for Frozen, is returning to write the original orchestral music for the sequel. As he did with the original film, Beck continues to thread the Norwegian elements and instruments, which are “magical, but rooted in real tradition” into this film. The score also features the musings of a Norwegian female choir, Cantus, whose vocals were recorded in Norway.

According to Beck:

“Similar to how Elsa and Anna have grown up since the last film, the new score has also matured and introduces more sophisticated musical concepts and thematic elements. The story’s emotional arc is more complex and intense than the first so I wanted the score’s thematic concepts and instrumentation to follow suit. I enjoyed exploring extreme dynamic contrasts, harmonic complexity, intricate textures with vibrant colors, and hugely expressive melodic moments.”

The Frozen 2 soundtrack is available for pre-order now and will be released on November 15, 2019 in both digital and physical formats. Frozen 2 hits theaters in U.S. theaters one week later on November 22, 2019.

Is Frozen 2‘s “Into the Unknown” the new “Let it Go”? Sound off in the comments below!

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