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LAAF Second Day Screenings Wrap Up Competition

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The Story of Our Workflow, by Alex Safavinia

An animated explanation of Kasra Design‘s workflow as an agency that creates animations for businesses.

Billie, by Maki Yoshikura

The story of Billie, a labradoodle whose life changes when their person doesn’t wake up.

New York City Sketchbook, by Willy Hartland

A sketchbook turned into animation, which ends up just as cool as it sounds.

Story of Aishan, by Hong Jia Bao

A perspective on life from the eyes of a blind person. Hong Ji Bao created the film specifically inspired by her friend, whose blindness limits them to only seeing lights.

Bad Tuna, by Deena Baum

The story of a young girl and a race of Tuna-people.

Descent, by Hailey Katelynn Marshall

The Magical Mystery of Musigny, by Emmett Goodman

One wine enthusiast’s attempt to explain and share his love of wine, specifically pinot noir, with his wife.

Medium Rare, by Luca Cioci

This short looks at human interaction with objects of various functions and levels of usefulness in recurring and sometimes odd domestic situations.

Mi Abuelita, by Giselle Pérez

Inspired by memories in the kitchen with Abuelita, this short recalls the nostalgia of working in the kitchen with family.

Changyou’s Journey, by Perry Chen

This short follows one father’s journey through life.

‘F’ for Formula, by Santino Vitale

This hilarious little short brings back Orson Welles – as an ill-tempered baby attempting to advertise products.

Embraced, by Justine Vuylsteker

A French short film that takes on continuous art in gorgeous motion.

Land of the Free?, by various

Unexpected Discoveries, by James Mabery

When we put away our phones and appreciate the world around us… this short film aims to encourage creativity and imagination.

Serph-Sparkle, by Taro Otani

An electronica music video that pops off the screen with color and strong lines.


Stay tuned on here and on the Rotoscopers’ Twitter for the LAAF awards ceremony this evening, Dec 2nd!

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