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‘Steven Universe: The Movie’ Announced at Comic Con

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So much exciting news has come out of Comic Con this past weekend, but none so exciting for Steven Universe fans than the revelation that Steven Universe will be getting the feature-length movie treatment! Attendees to the Steven Universe panel were treated to a brief teaser for the film, which Cartoon Network put online soon afterward for fans to watch and speculate over.

Aside from the silhouette of what will presumably be a new gem, and likely the main antagonist of the film, there is really not much to go on just from this trailer. So far, we know nothing more than the fact that a movie is happening, and it will air on Cartoon Network ‘soon.’

Steven Universe is nearing the end of its fifth season (with a new episode that just dropped on the Cartoon Network app!), so it is likely that this movie will air sometime after the finale.

No official announcement for a sixth season has been made, but there has been no indication from anyone on the crew that this is the end of the show. It is just as likely that this is only the beginning of a next chapter in the Steven Universe story.

What do you think of this news? Are you excited to see how this new movie will expand Steven’s Universe? Let us know in the comments below!

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