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‘DuckTales’ Season Finale Trailer & Season 2 Info Revealed at SDCC

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The two main plotlines of DuckTales season one

Image courtesy of Disney Entertainment.

After its highly successful 2017 panel, DuckTales made another appearance at San Diego Comic Con this past weekend. Attendees got to see a new trailer that previews the rest of season one, as well as hear some interesting tidbits on what season two might have in store.

First off, the trailer confirms that we’re going to see the climax of the season’s major plotlines: the three nephews trying to figure out what happened to their mother, and Lena being controlled by her evil sorceress aunt Magica de Spell. The trailer hints that Dewey may have found a clue about their mother’s disappearance, involving the Sphere of Selene. And whatever it is, it can’t be good because it seems to have caused Scrooge to go on a pizza-eating binge.

Meanwhile, it appears that Magica has finally succeeding in resurrecting herself via Scrooge’s lucky dime, and the season finale showdown will involve the Duck family facing off against Magica in McDuck manor. We’ll also hear Don Cheadle (War Machine in the Avengers movies) voice Donald for the finale, as apparently Donald has swallowed a voice modulator in order to sound more intelligent and understandable.

Don Cheadle voices Donald Duck in DuckTales season finale

Image courtesy of Disney Entertainment.

Longtime Disney fans may catch a few references to early 90’s cartoon TaleSpin, which took place in an alternate version of The Jungle Book in which Baloo the Bear is an airplane pilot. The DuckTales characters mention TaleSpin’s setting of the city Cape Suzette, and recurring TaleSpin villain Don Karnage is briefly shown singing. How big a role these crossover elements will play in the rest of the season is yet to be seen.

Another crossover revealed at the SDCC panel that will be gracing DuckTales’ confirmed second season is an appearance of The Three Caballeros, referencing the 1944 Donald Duck film of the same name. Donald’s companions from that film, Jose Carloca the parrot and Panchito Pistoles the rooster, will both be characters in season two.

The Three Caballeros in DuckTales season two

Image courtesy of Disney Entertainment.

New episodes of DuckTales will continue to premiere on Disney Channel each week until its hour-long season one finale on August 18.

Via ComicsVerse.

Check out the Comic Con trailer below, and let us know your thoughts!

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