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[THEME PARKS] ‘Pixar Pier’ Now Open to ALL Fans! (with VIDEO)

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Following a premiere event with a hefty price tag the night before, Pixar Pier opened to applause on Saturday morning, drawing in thousands of early morning goers and leaving the Disneyland lines a little bare.

The new pier, which takes over about half of the original Paradise Pier area, will include five new or rethemed rides; two are still in progress. The area also includes several new food options and many many character appearances. Check out what’s new at Pixar Pier:


Knick’s Knacks

Visit this shop, just at the pier entrance, for all your Pixar fandom needs, from t-shirts to pins to scented plush toys.

Lamplight Lounge

Replacing Ariel’s Grotto character dining, the lounge features lunch and dinner with a fun ‘Pixar-iffic’ menu that includes film delectables like ratatouille and punnily named ‘mocktails.’

Adorable Snowman Frosted Treats

No longer abominable, this snowman’s frosty treats are perfect for sunny park days. Just be wary of the yellow snow.

Pixar Art Billboards

Where once stood classic advertisements for such old-school names as Coca Cola now stand several Pixar film themed billboard artworks, featuring the sea lions from Finding Dory and the familia from Coco, to name a few.

The Incredicoaster

Although almost everyone still calls this one California Screamin’, the new coaster is technically an homage to the super Incredibles films. Better beeline for the FastPass line though – this one will have extra long wait times for at least the rest of summer. In fact, the line for the coaster was nearly back to the main pier entrance within four minutes of opening. It was pandemonium as everyone was released into the new area and rushed to the coaster!


Trash Cans

Some of you may be confused, but no you didn’t misread. There are two new trash can designs for Pixar Pier: one with a double P and one with the blue sky & clouds of Andy’s room.

Jack-Jack Cookie Num-Nums

Tucked in by the Incredicoaster, this adorable addition features big-as-your-hand cookies and refreshing milk to go with. You might have to push through the line of people for the coaster, but there’s a pretty good cookie at the end to reward your efforts.

Jessie Critter Carousel

This carousel is the moved and rethemed King Triton’s Carousel. Though not yet complete, the Pier hardly loses charm for the gap – a nice ON PREORDER label from Al’s Toy Barn keeps things immersive.

Poultry Palace

Need some chicken? Look no further! Poultry Palace has you covered. This stand also has turkey legs and corn on the cob.

Señor Buzz Churros

An ode to Buzz’s Spanish mode, this cute churro stand is worth the crowd-maneuvering to get to it. In addition to the classic cinnamon-sugar Super Galaxy Churro, you can also get a Caliente Churro.

Angry Dogs

The first Inside Out feature – until the Emotional Whirlwind is in place – is this punny little hot dog stand, with plenty of spice for those mean reds. And, if you just want a regular hot dog, try out the Slightly Annoyed Dog.

Pixar Promenade

The gateway to character fun beside the Toy Story boardwalk.

Pier Games

La Luna Star Catcher, WALL-E Space Race, Heimlich’s Corn Toss, and Bullseye Stallion Stampede hold their own along the back of the new pier. Each game is based on classic pier games with familiar Pixar twists. They are separately paid for at kiosks nearby.

The Pixar Ball Fountain

Because Universal can’t be the only one with a spinning water sphere. Find this great family photo opp by the Pixar Pier games.

Pixar Pal-A-Round

Still the classic Ferris wheel, simply a new name. You can still choose ‘swinging’ or ‘non-swinging,’ and Mickey’s smile is still emblazoned on the front.


‘Paradise Gardens Park’

On the other side of the pier, ‘Paradise Pier’ is now Paradise Gardens Park and retains many fan favorites: Silly Symphony Swings, Jumping Jellyfish, Goofy’s Sky School, the Golden Zephyr, and the Little Mermaid ride.

The only real addition to this side is the Pixar Pals area, chill for parents & fun for kids, where characters come and go but the classic Paradise Pier is forever. A lot of signage, including the trash cans, still says ‘Paradise Pier’ but that will likely change to match the new ‘Paradise’ identity.

Are you visiting the new Pixar Pier soon? What are you looking forward too most?

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