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Exclusives on Disney Streaming Service Scheduled for 2019

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It’s no news that Disney plans on starting its own subscription-based streaming service, but word has been light on exactly what content that service will provide to its subscribers. However, we now have a peek at the slate of what we can expect in fall of 2019, courtesy of Deadline.

Two movies are already in the post-production stage.

Magic Camp, previously on Disney’s release calendar for fall 2017, tells the story of a burgeoning magician attending magic camp. The main magician character will inspire his down-on-his-luck counselor, played by Adam Devine. Gillian Jacobs and Jeffrey Tambor co-star while Mark Waters directs.

The previously announced Noelle staring Anna Kendrick will also debut on the streaming platform. When jolly old Saint Nick retires, his daughter (Kendrick) steps up to take his place. Co-stars include Bill Hader and Shirley MacLane, and Mark Lawrence serves as director.

Other films with less known information include:

  • Don Quixote, written by Billy Ray (Hunger Games films)
  • Lady and the Tramp (live-action?)
  • The Paper Magician
  • Stargirl, directed by Julia Hart (The Keeping Room, Miss Stevens) and presumably adapted from the successful young-adult novel by Jerry Spinelli
  • Togo, directed by Ericson Core (Point Break remake)
  • Three Men and a Baby remake
  • Sword in the Stone remake
  • Timmy Failure, directed by Tom McCarthy (Spotlight) and adapted from the children’s books by Stephan Pastis

Disney’s goal is to release four to five films a year through the service.

In terms of TV shows, Disney will be airing a lot of previously announced projects including a new live-action Marvel series, High School Musical series, and an animated Monsters, Inc. series. There are also plans for multiple live-action shows under the Star Wars brand.

We do know that Disney aims to keep the service family-friendly, so there won’t be any R-rated films available for streaming. Additionally, Marvel shows currently streaming on other exclusive platforms such as Jessica Jones (Netflix) or Runaways (Hulu) won’t be a part of the lineup, at least for the time being.

A price point for the new streaming service has yet to be revealed, but it will begin as a domestic service and later expand overseas.

(via Deadline and Slash Film)

Are you excited about the films and TV shows planned for Disney’s upcoming streaming service? How do you feel about the arrival of yet another subscription service with its own exclusive content?

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