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‘Incredibles 2’ Teaser Trailer Takes Us Back to 2004

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Incredible news, Pixar fans! Disney has officially given us our first look at next year’s sure-to-be-epic animated tent pole, Incredibles 2.

In the painfully brief trailer, baby Jack-Jack is discovering his numerous powers, including walking through walls, shooting lasers from his eyes, turning into a fireball and generating electricity, to name a few. And no one is more excited than his dad, Bob. Check out the trailer below:

We wish it would have been a more substantial trailer, but hey, it’s good to see some characters again after thirteen long years. The sequel to the 2004 Disney-Pixar classic The Incredibles brings back all the characters we know and love, including Bob Parr (Mr. Incredible), Helen (Mrs. Incredible/Elastigirl), Violet and Dash, and of course, Jack-Jack. Brad Bird is back in the director’s chair for this sequel.

We also know that this sequel will be much more Elastigirl-centric, as Helen comes to terms with balancing her life as a superhero and her family. Of course, we can expect shenanigans from the kids, wisecracks from Frozone (‘Where is my super suit?” is still hilarious), much more sass from Edna Mode and a tough new villain.

Incredibles 2 will hit theatres on June 15, 2018. Are you excited?

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