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Netflix Nabs US Distribution Rights to ‘The Little Prince’!

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On this day, March 18 would have seen the theatrical release of Mark Osborne’s animated adaptation of The Little Prince. Too bad Paramount Pictures decided to act weird and drop the film from its release schedule.

But how will US audiences get to experience the movie now? Leave it to a very popular streaming service to the rescue!

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news yesterday that Netflix has picked up the domestic rights to the film, just barely a week after Paramount dropped it entirely. It is now expected to premiere stateside on the streaming service sometime later this year.

This development marks the first major move in feature animation for Netflix, a streaming service that has previously leaned heavily towards TV animation via its production deal with DreamWorks Animation.

While this might come as a disappointment for those who wanted to see the film in a theater, the upside is that you’ll be able to watch the film here in the US legally, provided you have an Netflix account.

Overseas, the film has already raked in $100 million internationally and was recently rewarded France’s Cesar Award for Best Animated Film.

The English-language voice cast for the film consists of Marion Collitard (The Rose), Rachel McAdams (The Mother), James Franco (The Fox), Jeff Bridges (The Aviator as an old man), Paul Rudd Benicio del Toro (The Snake), Ricky Gervais (The Conceited Man), Paul Giamatti (The Teacher), Albert Brooks (The Businessman), Bud Cort as The King, with Mackenzie Foy as The Girl, and newcomer Riley Osborne as The Little Prince.

What do you think? Will you catch The Little Prince on Netflix?

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