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Don Bluth & Gary Goldman Want to Bring Back 2D Animation with ‘Dragon’s Lair: The Movie’!

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Sing praises! The day we’ve all waited for has finally come. Don Bluth and Gary Goldman finally pulled the trigger on Dragon’s Lair: The Movie by opening a Kickstarter campaign to help raise money to make this dream a reality.

Don and Gary are looking for $550,000 to get started. Now, if they reach this goal, that doesn’t mean the Dragon’s Lair film will automatically be made. It just means the duo will have the necessary capital they need to pitch the film to studios. Other animators and filmmakers have done this recently: we saw Disney animation veterans Aaron Blaise and Chuck Williams do this a few years ago with their film Art Story and that film has yet to be green lit.

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As is Don’s expertise, the film will be traditionally animated. The duo are touting this as “an opportunity to resurrect hand-drawn animation,” which, if successful, could be huge since the majority of animation studios in the US have steered away from feature-length traditionally animated films. This is definitely smart marketing on their behalf, since this angle is what helped Hullabaloo become so popular during its Kickstarter campaign last year.

Dragon’s Lair is the iconic laserdisc arcade game from the early 80s that helped shape video games for a generation. It follows a knight, Dirk the Daring, as he tries to save Princess Daphne from a terrible dragons. The series spawned a number of sequels, but is still incredibly popular to this day. Fans have clamored for the property, to which Bluth and Goldman still own the rights, to be made into a feature-length film for decades.

As with all Kickstarter campaigns, there are various rewards for pledging at different levels. With the Dragon’s Lair: The Movie campaign, backers can get things such as signed photos of Bluth and Goldman  ($50 pledge), one-on-one animation lessons with Bluth ( $750 pledge, limit 24), an original story sketch from the pitch ($3500 pledge) to an original full-size color background from the original game ($10,000 pledge).


Whether you have just $1 to pledge or $1,000, definitely consider supporting this film if you are a fan of Bluth and Goldman, the Dragon’s Lair games, or just animation in general. With these animation legends behind this project, you know it will be epic!

You can learn more about the Dragon’s Lair: The Movie and support the project on its Kickstarter page here.

Stay tuned to Rotoscopers, as well as the Dragon’s Lair: The Movie website and Don Bluth Films Facebook page, for more updates on the project.

What do you think of the Dragon’s Lair: The Movie project? Are you interested in seeing these iconic video game characters on the big screen?

Edited by: Hannah Wilkes

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