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“Art Story”: An Independent Film Project with Widespread Appeal

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I’m not entirely sure how difficult it is to keep your grandson from getting sucked into a painting, but from the looks of it, it’s pretty tough.

Fusing the artistry of modern animation with the artistry of, well, art, Art Story tells the tale of a high-strung boy and his eccentric grandfather as they travel through the works of Van Gogh, Picasso, and everything in between. Trapped inside a world of classic masterpieces, Walt and his grandpa have to focus on their escape, the potential escape of a painted villain into the real world, and their own “granddad-grandson” relationship. The only reason this film hasn’t topped the box-office charts yet is simple:

It isn’t quite a film yet.

Art Story is the brainchild of Aaron Blaise and Chuck Williams, both 21-year Disney animation veterans looking to start a movie of their own. (After working on classics like The Lion King, Pocahontas, and Beauty and the Beast, I’d say these guys know what they’re doing.)


I can’t imagine that being stuck inside a Lichtenstein would be too terrible of an experience…

Williams comments (with noticeable enthusiasm) on the unconventional setting of the project,

“We believe this is an AMAZING WORLD to explore in a story, AND ALSO what a fantastic way to expose young kids (and some adults) to some of the most famous works of art of all time!!! There’s a reason these paintings and painters are so celebrated — they’re imaginative, engaging, spiritual, and, well, just astounding images and worlds.”


“I’m sorry Grandpa, but you didn’t even call seat check! What was I supposed to do?!” (Why I haven’t been hired to help with the script I have no idea.)

The leading lads of the film, Walt (whose name begs for a connection to be made between this film and Walt Disney himself) and his grandfather do more than take a stroll through each masterpiece, they interact with them. Walt and Grandpa literally adapt to each painting, as their animation style and design change to fit the trademark styles of each artist, not only showing off the talent of the animation team, but making the movie a piece of eye-candy for viewers across the board.

Art Story is currently a publicly funded project being run with assistance from Kickstarter; check out their page to help out or just to take a look at some more of their stellar concept art and interviews here!

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