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‘The LEGO Movie 2’ Gets a Director (and a Title)

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Despite a shocking Oscar snub, The LEGO Movie still had the hearts of critics and audiences everywhere. This shining reception has led to the construction of what is now known as the LCU (Lego Cinematic Universe), which will now consist of spinoff films based on other LEGO properties. With that in mind, we now turn to a huge update involving the next installment in the main LEGO Movie franchise.

Multiple sources such as Deadline and Collider have recently reported that the official title for the film (previously referred to as The LEGO Movie 2) is The LEGO Movie Sequel. We’ll talk about that title later.

Those sources also reported that the film has found a director: Rob Schrab.

Rob hails from the world of live-action TV, having written and directed episodes for shows such as Comedy Central’s The Sarah Silverman Program, NBC’s Community, FOX’s The Mindy Project, and Adult Swim’s Children’s Hospital.

Also, in a very rare occurrence, he will both be making his feature-length directorial debut and his feature animation debut with this film.

Despite being untested in a number of ways, his experience with directing comedy should prove a good fit for the manic sensibilities of the LCU.

Phil Lord and Chris Miller, who serve as writers and producers on the film, celebrated Rob’s addition in a joint statement:

We are so excited to collaborate with Rob. He is a comedy genius, a visual savant, and we have been stalking him for years. No one works harder than Rob, and his aesthetic, combined with his sense of humor, bring a strong, unique, thoughtful, and passionately nerdy voice to this project. People who know him are slapping their foreheads today and saying, ‘Of course!’

Now, let’s discuss the title. Is it odd? Yes. But again, considering the brand of humor present within the films themselves, it definitely fits. Make of it what you will, of course, but it fits.

LEGO Ninjago will hit theaters on September 23, 2016. LEGO Batman follows sometime in 2017. The LEGO Movie Sequel will be in theaters sometime in 2018, and an untitled LCU film is set to follow on May 24, 2019.

What do you think? Is Rob Schrab a perfect fit for The LEGO Movie Sequel? Any thoughts on its official title?

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