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‘Hotel Transylvania 2’ First Look Reveals Plot Details and a New Character

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Sony Pictures Animation’s next film, the sequel to their 2012 commercial hit Hotel Transylvania, may not be out until next autumn, but the studio has decided to reveal an image showing one of the film’s new faces and some plot details.

Hotel Transylvania 2 will introduce Dracula’s estranged father Vlad (an appropriate name), who is rather disapproving and disrespectful of his son. He’ll be voiced by comedy genius Mel Brooks, who says the character is like his “real, honest-to-goodness personality”, humorously adding that he’s “pretty grumpy” himself. Producer Michelle Murdocca added that the character is “as old school as it gets”.


The story involves a family get-together. USA Today reports that the father makes things hard for not only Dracula, his daughter Mavis, and Mavis’ boyfriend Jonathan, but also everyone else working at Hotel Transylvania. Genndy Tartakovsky, as many may know, is returning to direct the sequel and Robert Smigel is returning to pen the script, with Adam Sandler co-writing. It was also Sandler who had the idea to bring in Brooks.

It is also interesting to note that Brooks, as stated in the article, had asked the film’s crew to make Vlad’s character design a little more appealing to the kids in the audience, as the original design was supposed to be significantly scarier and darker. Brooks specifically suggested that the character’s eyes be widened.

With this first look now out, it’s possible that a teaser could follow, though it might be a bit early. Hotel Transylvania, which also was a September release in the year it came out, got its first teaser in late March. It all depends on how much animation is done on this film, or it’s possible that Sony is making a teaser that will simply feature footage that isn’t meant to be in the film. Who knows!

Are you looking forward to ‘Hotel Transylvania 2’? What do you think of the new details? When do you think the teaser will show up? Sound off below!

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