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Episode 67: All Dogs Go to Heaven – You Can Never Come Back

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The Rotoscopers talk about Don Bluth’s classic 1989 animated film All Dog’s Go to Heaven!


■ Update on everyone’s lives!
Nerdy Couch Discussion: Animated dogs.
Main Discussion: All Dogs Go to Heaven
■ Brief history of Don Bluth’s studio and name changes over the year.
 This movie is dark and gritty: smoking, drinking, gambling.
Burt Reynolds as Charlie (and his contractual stipulations) as well as Don DeLuise, who was Don Bluth’s lucky charm.
■ The tragedy of the murder of Anne-Marie’s voice actress and the original production cells.
■ Crazy settings and Charlie’s story arch.
■ Why does Carface get to go to heaven?
■ We have nothing negative to say about the songs.
■ Why does there ALWAYS have to be a sassy, fat alligator?
Mail bag from Mike, Sarah, Leigh-Ann & Jacob.
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Runtime: 1:28:50, 54 MB


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