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Episode 65: Balto – Streetdog

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The Rotoscopers go on a journey to watch Amblimation’s final movie, Balto.


Main discussion: Balto
■ Live-action beginning with pigeon lady from Home Alone 2.
■ Jim Cummings rocks it as Steele, dog character designs, inspirations from The Lady & the Tramp.
■ Really heavy 1st act. Lots of exposition.
■ What’s with all the sidekicks?
■ Did Balto have to be half wolf?
■ How Mason would have expanded the story.
■ All the different possible deaths of Steele.
■ We rate it!
■ Voicemails & mail bag!
■ Bloopers: No one cares about Chelsea, Stuffed Balto, Disney Scene It

Runtime: 1:05:00 71.5 MB


■ Watch Balto: DVD | Digital | iTunes
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■ Andreas Deja’s blog: post about Sleeping Beauty‘s goons

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