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[Video] Watch Elsa “Let It Go” In 25 Languages

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As a thank-you gift to the Frozen fandom, Disney has released a multi-language clip of the iconic “Let It Go” sequence from the movie. Hear Elsa sing the movie’s Oscar nominated song in a whopping 25 different languages below:


We’ll be honest, all 25 voices sound amazingly similar. It’s incredible how much work has gone into the making of this movie. Most Hollywood musicals generally only have the dialogue dubbed into international languages, leaving the songs intact in English. But Disney went all the way, painstakingly translating all 9 of the movie’s songs into two dozen global languages for fans all over the world to enjoy.

What’s more, Disneywill also be releasing a special Sing-along version of the mega hit on January 31 in select theatres across the US (complete with a bouncing snowflake). Show your Frozen support and check it out!

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