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10 Signs That You May Have Taken Your “Frozen” Obsession Too Far

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I think that us over here at the Rotoscopers will be the first to admit to our obsession with Disney’s Frozen. With Frozember upon us, who can’t help but to get in that Frozen spirit? Well, a few months ago, we told you of some signs that you are obsessed with Frozen. Now, with the excitement of Frozen growing daily, we have updated the list a little bit, just in case you have taken your obsession too far.

1.  You have bleached your hair in an attempt to make it platinum blonde like Elsa’s.

This may not be a bad thing…. There are a lot of people who can pull off this look! In the last article, we spoke that your obsession may have begun if you were considering dyeing your hair. You will bring that obsession to a whole new level if you have bleached out every last shred of color. If you want to look like Elsa, go for it. Just don’t push it so far where you begin to look like this lovely lady.


“No! I look nothing like Elsa!”

2. You have recently purchased a reindeer.

Santa can do it. Kristoff can do it. But your roommate might not be so pleased with the acquisition.


If only he could fit in my dorm…

3. You have begun to frolic in the snow wearing only a dress.

Elsa is the Snow Queen blessed with powers over snow and ice. Of course she can pull this off; however, the rest of us are just plain, boring ol’ human beings, and therefore just a teensy bit liable to die of hypothermia if this were to be attempted.


“What’s wrong with you Anna? Who needs stockings or earmuffs or boots or warmth? It’s just ICE.”

4. In an attempt to be like Elsa, you are going sans-gloves in the snow.

I don’t know about you guys, but we have already experienced a first snowfall this year, and it is just going to get worse from here. I wouldn’t be dramatically throwing your gloves into the air just yet!

let it go

5.You have missed a whole day of work/school to sit at home and play either Block Party or Freeze Trail on Frozen’s official website. 

Admittedly, this game may have distracted me just a little bit earlier…. But it’s always better than studying for accounting!


6. You have recently found yourself in a bush outside of Idina Menzel’s house in the hopes of hearing her hum “Let it Go” while she is out and about.


Do I need to explain this one?

7. You have gone on a trip themed completely around Frozen.


Anna: “Are we in Norway yet? Or are we still lost in the Ice Hotel?”

If you have been to Quebec’s Ice Hotel, Norway, or have just toured around the whole of Scandinavia in order to try and find the places that inspired Disney’s animation team, you may be going a little too far (quite literally) with your Frozen obsession. That being said, Adventures by Disney is planning an official Frozen-themed Norway excursion if you’re interested.

8. You have purchased numerous cans of Snow Spray and tried putting them up your sleeves to pretend like you have Elsa powers.


Please note: if you have done this with only a can or two, you are fine. However, if you have purchased over 10 cans of Snow Spray and are just blowing through them like crazy, you may need to, ya know, chill a little (pun completely intended.)

9. If you have been scouring the planet for Frosty the Snowman’s magical hat to try and create your own Olaf.


I have recently learned that this magical hat doesn’t actually exist. Huh. Who knew?

10. You have spent over 5 hours trying to build the Abominable Marshmallow.


He’s a cool dude. If you try to build him, kudos to you! If you have spent over 5 hours trying to glue marshmallows together in an attempt to build him and your fingers are now completely sticky due to a weird mixture of glue and marshmallow, well, you might want to take a little break.

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