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The Most Amazing & Best ‘Frozen’ Wallpapers on The Web

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So with Frozen‘s release just a few weeks away, it’s time to “let it go” like Elsa and deck your computer out with some of the best Frozen wallpapers out on the web.



One wallpaper website that I’ve seen pop up all over the place on Tumblr over the past few months is BestMovieWalls.com. The site is less than a year old and already is making its mark by putting out some of the most gorgeous wallpapers on the web. Each wallpaper’s composition is hand crafted, so that you have a truly unique and one-of-a-kind wallpaper. The site has grown to cover over 100 movies and provides high-resolution wallpapers for computers, dual screens, tablets and smart phones.

BestMovieWalls_Frozen_06 BestMovieWalls_Frozen_09

BestMovieWalls_Frozen_04 BestMovieWalls_Frozen_03

BestMovieWalls_Frozen_12 BestMovieWalls_Frozen_14

Membership to the site costs $14.99 per year, which gives you access to special member-only wallpapers and the highest resolutions possible. However, for Frozember, we’ve partnered with Best Movie Walls to bring you guys some of their amazing Frozen wallpapers for free (including some of their member-only wallpapers!).

BestMovieWalls_Frozen_10 BestMovieWalls_Frozen_08

BestMovieWalls_Frozen_dual_01 BestMovieWalls_Frozen_dual_03


Also, we’re giving away a one-year membership to the Best Movie Walls, which will give you access to over 800 wallpapers in the highest resolutions. Just like BestMovieWalls and the Rotoscopers Facebook pages to enter. There are other optional entries as well. The contest ends November 17 at 11:59PM PST.

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Free Frozember Frozen Wallpapers

Without further adieu, here are 9 of their Frozen wallpapers (in the highest resolution 2650×1600). To download, just click on the wallpaper you want, then once it loads, right click “save as” and save to your computer.










Which Frozen wallpaper on BestMovieWalls.com is your favorite?

[UPDATE 11/21/13 9:09 AM PST] Congratulations to Fadi, who won a free one-year membership to Best Movie Walls!

For Frozember, Best Movie Walls is offering Rotoscopers readers a reduced sign-up membership price of $11.99 instead of $14.99. Definitely take advantage of this offer because it will give you access to all their high-quality, handmade custom desktop wallpapers! Go here to sign up. Offer ends November 27.

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