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Paul Feig to Produce ‘Peanuts’ Film? Good Grief!

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This guy? What is it that Charlie always says?…









So, we have recently found out that my beloved Peanuts franchise has taken some very strange turns of late (yes, I will admit from the get-go that I have a very intense personal interest in this film. I pre-apologize for any rants/extreme opinions). We have learned that Blue Sky Studios 2015 Peanuts film is going to be 3D rather than its classic 2D and that there are going to be 500 shorts to be produced in France before the big film.

And now we have learned that Paul Feig, producer of Bridesmaids and The Heat, will also be producing this film.

What the heck? Good grief!!!!

I want to love this movie, I really do. I love Charlie Brown, own about half of the of Peanuts comics ever written (and there have been a lot, so it is more impressive than it sounds!), and have personally loved every film to its core; the comedy, nostalgia, life issues, and, heck, even the cheap animation have a very close place to my heart. Peanuts is my childhood, and the comic strip has been around for more than 60 years, so it’s been a lot of people’s childhood’s before me.

So why the modernization? Why the 3D? Why is it being produced by a man who is known for his involvement in R-rated films?

I want to love this film, I really and truly do. I want to show it to my kids someday and allow them to have that same nostalgic love for the franchise that I do.

But man. With every news story that I hear, I am becoming more and more nervous for what this film will become. Maybe Feig will be good. Personally, I didn’t really get the appeal of Bridesmaids, and I only saw the last half of The Heat (which was good I guess), but I still can’t help but to be nervous.

Okay, end personal rant. I again apologize for allowing my opinion to pretty much steer what was supposed to be a news article.

So… what do you think of this news?

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