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Episode 36: Howl’s Moving Castle – Beast’s Moving Batcave

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The Rotoscopers take an introspective dive into the Studio Ghibli film, Howl’s Moving Castle! Join in as they review, discuss, analyze, think deeply and talk shallowly on this Miyazaki film!


  • Jurassic Park mini review by Mason
  • News: Finding Dory, Monsters University Alumni Letter, Disney’s Frozen Soundtrack leaked? and Elsa concept art leaked.
  • Main discussion: Howl’s Moving Castle
  • Somethings Chelsea’s noticed about Miyazaki films: BAM! Welcome to crazy.
  • A very introspective film and cultural questions.
  • Character and voice actor discussion: Sophie, Markl, [Wicked] Witch of the Waste
  • Mason and Chelsea’s mustache rant.
  • Character and voice actor discussion: Christian Bale as Howl, Billy Crystal (Mike Wazowski) as Calcifer.
  • Comparison to Beauty and the Beast.
  • Family themes, very sporadic ending, Sophie’s magic kiss.
  • We rate it!
  • Voicemail and Twitter replies.
  • Mailbag: Mulan Episode, how The Rotoscopers met, other places to meet animation fans, Rise of the Gardians episode.
  • Final thoughts: Next ‘Nerdy Couch Discussion’ preview.
  • Bloopers: Rumbly in Morgan’s tumbly, Rotoscopers fan fiction and fan art, Wiki Clicks…Fun Game!

Runtime: 1:28:05, 45.6 MB


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