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Breaking News: Disney/Pixar Confirm ‘Cars 3′ Is Happening

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Lightning-McQueen-Pixar-Cars[BREAKING] Love it or hate it, the Cars franchise is very popular and gives Disney and Pixar lots and lots of money. This is why it doesn’t really come as a surprise that different sources and entertainment sites report a third installment has been confirmed. Cars 3 is scheduled to be released in 2016 (we knew there was a Pixar movie coming out that year yet we didn’t know anything about it).

No directors or screenwriters have been announced but we can assume John Lasseter will, at least, co-direct as with the previous two movies. It has been confirmed Owen Wilson, the voice of Lightning McQueen will NOT return for the threequel. Since Larry the Cableguy‘s character Mater was featured more prominently in Cars 2, we can safely assume he will be the star of Cars 3. 

We’ll keep you updated on any news regarding the second threequel Pixar has made after Toy Story 3. 

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Pablo Ruiz is a Colombian screenwriter and animation fan. He loves Pixar and Harry Potter and his greatest ambition is to one day write for Pixar. He idolizes Brad Bird and Michael Arndt and thinks "Toy Story 3" is the greatest movie ever made.
  • William Jardine

    Man, you guys really love trolling us all today, don’tcha?

    • Morgan Burt Stradling

      What can I say? I’ve found my calling in life. ;)

  • Milan Harrison

    I heard that Mater will become a spy and team up with Finn and Holley and save the world from Frank from the first Cars. Hey, maybe this is the Teddy Newton film!

  • Morgan Burt Stradling

    Best part of the story: Owen Wilson will NOT be returning to voice Lightning McQueen. HAHA.

    • Owen Wilson

      he might you never know

  • Cornholio

    I hope the king will be in it

    • Mason Smith

      As do I, Great Cornholio. Sigh…I mean I guess Disney should go with what works. My prediction? An evil luxury car is trying to outlaw all racing, and it’s up to Mater and his family (!) to fight for their right to HAVE FUN! And who should they turn to help? None other than CHICK HICKS! But is Hicks in it to bring back racing, or does he have a more sinister agenda? DUN DUN DUNNNN!

  • AK Gamer

    Fuck!!!!!!!!!! I Hate Mater

  • Connor Foster

    Clearly an april fools joke

  • Joshua

    Great…NOT!!! Why,Pixar,Why?!?

  • Phoenix Wright

    I hate when you run into April Fools jokes months after they happened. That’s when they really get you. But oh well, I’m pretty happy that it isn’t true. Cars wasn’t exactly my favorite Pixar movie.

  • Ginger Carrera-Mc Queen

    FUCK!!!! -_-

    • Gabriel Green

      Please act like an adult!

  • gerold

    what do you mean he wont be returning

  • Robert Akehurst

    Owen Wilson is such a big headed twit. Not doing the Voice of Lightning Mcqueen, just because of our Loved Mater had more action than him. What a twat. Well I won’t miss him at all. Hard luck Owen your not as good as you make up hahahaha. I can’t wait for the next Cars film to come around it will be really great if Mater had his 1st date with miss chicwell from cars 2 and see what sort of trouble he can get into again LOL..

  • Brady1138

    Posting this comment July 7, and I nearly had a heart attack! Glad I noticed the April 1 date :P

  • Ness

    Cars isn’t Cars without Lightning.