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Watch All 3 ‘Toy Story Toons’ Online! – Hawaiian Vacation, Small Fry, Partysaurus Rex

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Distract yourself from the Toy Story 4 madness and watch all of Pixar’s amazing Toy Story Toons online for free!

After the release of Toy Story 3, Disney and Pixar kept the Toy Story franchise alive through a series of short films called Toy Story Toons and the Toy Story TV specials.

Three short films were released; Hawaiian Vacation in front of Cars 2 in 2011, Small Fry with The Muppets in 2011 and Partysaurus Rex before Finding Nemo 3D in 2012. These are a ton of fun to watch!

In case you missed them in theaters or want to watch them again (because why not?), Disney has made all three available to watch online! Here’s how to watch them below.

Watch Toy Story Toons: Hawaiian Vacation (2011) Online

toy-story-toons- Hawaiian-Vacation-title-card-logo

In the cute short Hawaiian Vacation, Ken and Barbie stow away in Bonnie’s backpack for a romantic vacation. But Ken’s plans fall through when Bonnie leaves her school backpack at home. Woody, Buzz and the gang save the day by bringing the best of Hawaii to them!

Watch Hawaiian Vacation online here!

Watch Toy Story Toons: Small Fry (2011) Online


What smells like chicken fingers? Speaking of stowaways, in Small Fry, Bonnie visits a fast food restaurant and a miniature Buzz Lightyear from the display case swaps places with the real Buzz, hoping to finally get his chance to be played with. Woody and the gang devise a plan to rescue Buzz, while the real Buzz Lightyear tries to find his way home.

Watch Small Fry online here!

Watch Toy Story Toons: Partysaurus Rex (2012) Online


In Partysaurus Rex, Rex the dinosaur goes from the party pooper to party animal when Bonnie picks him to join her for bath time. All the bath toys think Rex is a coolest toy on the planet when he turns the tub into a disco dance party. But things get out of control fast and Rex needs to save the day!

Watch Partysaurus Rex online here!

Other Places to Watch

The links only work in North America. For international fans, you can buy and watch Toy Story Toons on the iTunes store for $2.99 each (Hawaiian Vacation, Small Fry, and Partysaurus Rex). Also, all three shorts can be found as bonus features on Toy Story of Terror! (buy on Amazon or iTunes).

The first two Toons, Hawaiian Vacation and Small Fry plus a variety of other Pixar short films (including Your Friend the Rat, Presto, Partly Cloudy, Day & Night and La Luna) are also available on the Pixar Short Films Collection 2 (buy on Amazon or iTunes). Partysaurus Rex is available on the Pixar Short Films Collection 3 (Amazon or iTunes).

Which is your favorite Toy Story Toons short?

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