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Episode 15: Wallace & Gromit – Claymation Hitchcock

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The Rotoscopers gang is back with some exciting news! They also cover new territories this episode by diving into stop-motion animation and animated shorts. The main discussion focuses on the four classic Wallace & Gromit shorts.


  • Big News! Now apart of the Hypable Podcast Network
  • Winner for ‘The Art of Brave’ contest announced!
  • Animation Spotlight: stop-motion animation
  • What is stop motion? Is all stop motion claymation?
  • Is stop motion more technical than hand-drawn or CGI animation?
  • Jurassic Park was going to be stop motion?! WHAT?!
  • Mason expounds the wonders of stop motion in Star Wars and other films over the years
  • Main Discussion: The Wallace & Gromit shorts
  • Director’s Spotlight: Nick Park
  • The Simpsons’ episode “Angry Dad the Movie”; “I’m more clay than man.”
  • Animated shorts spoofs: Mixar’s Condiments & Nick Park’s Willis & Crumble
  • A Grand Day Out (1989):Can you SAY claymation?!
  • Wallace and Gromit saved the Wensleydale cheese factory!
  • The Wrong Trousers (1993):the jump in quality is shocking!
  • How do they do they animate water and floating objects?
  • Mason loves creepy penguins & Mason’s conspiracy theories
  • Trivia: Let’s play the name game!
  • A Close Shave (1995): say hello to Shaun the Sheep
  • Wallace is the king of hand touching
  • Tiny Toons Adventures and WB TV tangent
  • Wallace’s pick up lines
  • A Matter of Loaf and Death (2008)
  • Is the W&G mystery/crime theme over done?
  • Last thoughts, favorite shorts and ratings
  • Listener question & mail bag
  • And of course…bloopers!

Runtime: 1:29:48, 41.2 MB

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