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Episode 4: Surf’s Up – Smile on Your Brother

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This week The Rotoscopers talk about Sony Animation’s Surf’s Up. They also discuss the animation news, Mason chats with his friend about documentary films and, of course, lots and lots of bloopers.


  • Who is Jessica Rabbit’s live action body double?
  • Duke Grayson, private eye
  • And the Oscar goes to….
  • New trailer and poster for Pixar’s Brave
  • Mason’s segment: Discussing documentaries with his friend, Jacob Johnson
  • Main discussion: Surf’s Up
  • Why penguins? Why so many animated films about penguins?
  • Dreams and hope for future careers in animation
  • Is it a mockumentary or a documentary?
  • Arnold and the little penguins
  • Authentic surf experience
  • Breaking the comedic “Rule of 3”: Sideshow Bob style!
  • Chicken Joe has all the answers to life’s questions
  • Random trivia fact time!
  • Morgan discusses her goal in life
  • Chelsea teaches us about “Smile on Your Brother”
  • The 4 Antagonists
  • We’re split on the number of stars we give it
  • Finally, we’re doing a Pixar film next week! Toy Story!
  • Lots and lots of bloopers: Morgan just can’t get Chelsea’s name right, the Simpsons voice actors’ salaries, growling stomachs
Runtime: 1:04:12, 29.5 MB

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