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Episode 2: The Iron Giant – Hog Hug!

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In episode 2, the Rotoscopers discuss the news, the importance of story and Brad Bird’s animated masterpiece The Iron Giant.


  • Why the Wreck-It Ralph creator is pumped
  • The Lorax is going green
  • Chelsea explains her love for trees…again
  • Rango wins the OVCAFMPT
  • Is Disney’s Paperman project a game changer?
  • Animation Element of the Week: what Mason learned from Fergal Reilley and Doug Sweetland about Story
  • Discussion: Brad Bird’s The Iron Giant
  • Warner Brother’s marketing blunder
  • Bird’s passion for animation and story
  • Chelsea teaches Mason about beatniks
  • Favorite Scenes: Coffeezilla, The Prayer & The Deer
  • The Giant’s CGI animation
  • 1950s references and inspiration
  • Themes
  • Hogarth’s father figures
  • Why so many single-parent stories in animation?
  • Favorite quotes: The brain, “Hog Hug!”, “luckiest kid in America”, “blah blah blah”
  • We’re bringing the term “wig out” back
  • How many stars do we give it?
  • Shout out to our 100 listeners!
  • …And of course: Bloopers

Runtime: 1:11:46, 32.9 MB

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