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First ‘Incredibles 2’ Trailer is as Super as You’d Expect

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During the winter Olympics this week, Disney and Pixar released the first official trailer for this summer’s hotly anticipated Incredibles 2. And our first proper look at the film, dubbed a ‘sneak peek’, is everything we expected it to be, with laughs, action scenes and a whole lot of Jack-Jack shenanigans.

Check out the trailer in its entirety below:

Although the sequel’s focus will reportedly be on Helen/Elastigirl, it’s Bob and the kids who take up much of this trailer’s screen time. It seems Bob isn’t too used to taking care of the kids when his wife isn’t around. It’s also great to see Dash, Violet, Frozone and Edna again. The animation looks much more polished and stylized as compared to the 2004 film, and clearly fourteen years have made a world of a difference when it comes to Pixar’s animation quality.

Incredibles 2 takes place right where the first film left off, with an epic battle against the Underminer. Soon, Helen is called back into action, while Bob stays back home taking care of the super kids. The sequel will feature a bunch of new characters, which you can check out at this link. Incredibles 2 will once again be helmed by Brad Bird, and hits theatres on June 15 this year.

What are your thoughts on the first Incredibles 2 trailer?

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  • Manuel Orozco

    This teaser to be honest didn’t make a big impression on me. But I am excited for this sequel no matter what!

  • Rachel Wagner

    I didn’t love this trailer. It will probably be a good movie but I have concerns

    • Míriam

      I hear you, Rachel, and although Pixar delivered some very good movies in recent years, they’ve also given us pretty mediocre ones. I think sometimes they market movies as being more silly and the real deal blow us out of the water, so let’s not loose all faith just yet 🙂

      • Rachel Wagner

        Yeah they haven’t made a movie I’ve hated personally either but this trailer has helped me keep my expectations in check

    • suila

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  • Chelsea Warner

    The new math joke was spot on.

    • Harith Sami

      and dated.

      • Harith Sami

        Just Google common core.

    • Hannah Wilkes

      Loved that part 🤣 There were definitely some years when I was in school when my parents couldn’t help me with my math homework. And they are teachers!

  • So excited! I liked the trailer a lot, but I do get everyone else’s concerns with it. It seems like there’s some retreading of Incredibles 1 and Jack Jack Attack in here, but I’m hopeful. That was only Mr. Incredible’s subplot after all.

  • It’s interesting that, despite being supposedly more focussed on Elastigirl, the trailer was still all about Mr. Incredible… Hrmmm…

    Also, I hear ya, those who said that it feels like Elastigirl’s arc is a rehash of Mr. Incredible’s. But I think they will still twist it somehow. I’m a bit nervous, but still hoping–and I’d really like for them to give us a surprise villain.

    • Manuel Orozco

      I agree with everything you said except surprise villain. It’s getting old already

      • Maybe the mystery fan in me is coming out–I like being surprised, ha ha. Either way, I’m really hoping Pixar won’t disappoint us!

        • Manuel Orozco

          I have no doubt in Pixar

      • Thank you! Disney’s been doing that a lot lately, and it’s definitely been worn out at this point.

        • Manuel Orozco

          Yes luckily I didn’t have a big issue with Earnesto. Although I was expecting the antagonism in Coco to be a much simpler misunderstanding

          • I think it didn’t bother most people. For me though, it came across as sort of unnecessary.

          • Manuel Orozco

            How so unnecessary

          • The twist didn’t really change how Miguel was going about his search. Rather, he was redirected to his relative proper because of what he learned about Cruz. That’s why it felt unnecessary to me. As you mentioned earlier, a simple misunderstanding would have accomplished the same thing the twist did. Just in a less “surprising” way.

          • Manuel Orozco

            Well I was ready for Cruz sort of to not be Miguel’s actual relative but not Hector. Wasn’t too disappointing after all. I meant misunderstanding as in how Miguel believed his family always despised music but wasn’t always the case. If Cruz still wasn’t the villain he at least would have helped.

          • Agreed. While the “surprise villain” in Coco doesn’t really harm the film, I think its getting pretty old.

          • Manuel Orozco

            Yes. The climax of Zootopia with Bellwhether revealed was a bit rushed. That’s why I would rather see villainy done the old fashioned way where we know at least from the first scene forward or in rising action that he or she will stop at nothing to destroy the hero.

  • Sebastian

    Nah I still have no real interest in this. And this trailer sorta of made my interest even sink lower. It looks insanely predictable and I don’t know, I’m just not liking what I’m seeing.
    There is nothing about the animation that screams “Wow” for me either.

    • Harith Sami

      And the plot is just the plot of the first one with the characters swapped, seems like another Finding Dory. . .

      • Manuel Orozco

        I share the same thoughts. However Finding Dory in my opinion was still entertaining.

  • Looks like a role reversal.

    • Manuel Orozco

      I’m okay with it to be fair

  • Fadi Antwan

    Character animation looks absolutely stunning, but I’m not sold on the story yet and not sure if I like where this is going either. It’s too early to tell though.

    • Manuel Orozco

      The only thing I am not sold on is the U.S. Government still making supers illegal.

      • Yellow

        Well, this takes place right after the first movie. Maybe there hasn’t been enough time for that to be a possibility.

        • Manuel Orozco

          True since the world is still adjusting to the reappearance of supers

  • Marielle

    It looks too much like the first movie to me. The action scenes look similar and we already saw a dinner scene. Why are they still talking about heroes being illegal?

    Also, there are too many movies about a dad watching the kids and mayhem ensuing. Hotel Transylvania 2, Daddy Day Care, etc. It’s not exactly a novel idea.

    Hopefully they are just tricking by just playing that stuff in the trailer and hiding the better and new stuff for later: the plot with the new villains and new characters.

  • A few observations/questions:

    1. Is it just me or do most of the characters look different? I can definitely notice subtle differences in the character designs (see: the scene with the family eating together). I know its an advancement of animation over fourteen years, but something seems…off.

    2. I thought superheroes were ‘legal’ after the first film? Why are they still in hiding?

    3. I didn’t even realize that Dash has a new voice actor.

    4. Is Bob drunk in that scene or just sleep deprived?

    • 1. The setting and situation are very different from the last movie, so differences are to be expected.

      2. Even if supers are legal again overturning a law doesn’t come easy, especially with the aftereffects of the first ban.

      3. If Dash was originally voiced by a guy before, chances are his vocal patterns changed as the original voice actor got older to a point where he would make the most unconvincing child’s voice.

      4. He looks more sleep deprived, I mean he does what Helen used to do and he’s spent most of his life lost in the past than being a real part of his family.

  • I really hope they give the kids something EXCITING to do and not just shove them with the dad, I mean the reason we like these characters is all for their family dynamic and just coming as their own
    Idk I just pray its just a not so great first look and it’ll be a good movie! 🙂

    • They seem pretty peeved that they’re not allowed to fight crime; maybe they’ll start sneaking out.

      • Omg YEAH!

      • Manuel Orozco

        That I would like to see at first they get in trouble fairly to be taught a lesson and the Parrs eventually make up in the end.

  • Míriam

    I totally get why so many of you guys found this to be underwhelming, but as a new mom I think I’ll enjoy this movie on a whole new level: this trailer is exactly what would happen if I left my baby with my husband for a few hours 😂

    • Manuel Orozco

      That’s sweet

  • Hannah Wilkes

    I love the trailer and I’m even more excited to see the movie than I was before! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I’m really impressed that the writers, artists, and filmmakers seem to have been able to maintain the characters’ unique personailties. I’m glad they were able to stay true to what made the characters so appealing and likeable in the first movie. I’m also loving the return to the mid-century modern aesthetic 😍 Overall, I’m excited for Incredibles 2.

  • This looks to be entertaining, though not groundbreaking.
    I thought this teaser was good and looks like this may be
    a reversal of the first film’s story.