• Yellow

    This is very well written. I like how you explained how the ride has changed to reflect the movies. I can’t say that I remember the auction scene very well, but it is curious that it would be changed now, which might be overdoing it.

  • The biggest question I think Disney needs to answer is what to do when the movies are also outdated.

    The ride needs to be worth riding 20 years from now. Any decisions Disney makes now will probably still be in effect long after they’ve stopped making Pirates movies (of which the first is still the best).

  • I don’t agree with closing the entire ride. I could see getting rid of the whole bride auction stuff though, it’s unnecessary and honestly I never remembered it much even though I’ve been on the ride many times. I think in the movies there is a distinction from the good-hearted characters like Elisabeth & Will and the cold-hearted pirates. Yes it’s romanticized fantasy, but that’s kind of the point of Disneyland, how things *could* be in a different dimension, cause reality sucks and we deal with it every day. The movies didn’t intend on being a historical account of real world pirates, it’s a magic-filled sea-faring adventure. The characters aren’t solid good or evil and that’s a good thing for people to realize. We can admire characters while recognizing why they’re not always good role models. That’s why it’s good to have moments in the movie where characters call each other out on their selfish behavior.
    I guess I would rather the ride be more like the movie pirates and less like real pirates. Maybe the old ride romanticized the bad things more. In the old versions of the ride the bad behavior is treated more like a gag and that’s where things get cringey. That’s were nostalgia could back off in my opinion. Yes the concept of pirates will always be problematic, but everything in humanity is complex, it’s probably good for kids to think about those kinds of issues too.
    Then again maybe I am being hypocritical because I dislike the inclusion of Marvel characters in Disney because of how awful role models those characters are for kids… Maybe it’s just cause I don’t personally enjoy those movies or find the characters charming at alllll. Can’t please everyone I guess.

    • DoctorCuF

      I agree about Marvel’s heroes being relatively awful human beings. It’s why I’ve always preferred DC’s characters (not the new movies, obviously).

      If they wanted to replace the ride and go full movie tie in, the Shanghai version of Pirates is pretty impressive: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2TVx9_HGWbs