Daily Debate: Should the D23 Expo Be Held Every Year?

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D23 Expo 2017 just wrapped up and we’re still on a high from all of this weekend’s news and updates. The D23 Expo is the Walt Disney Company’s official bi-annual convention for Disney fans and Disney pulls out all the stops for its presentations, panels, and show floor. There’s tons of news and new footage shown, making it the place to be if your a hardcore Disney fan.

But alas, D23 Expo 2017 is in the books and we won’t have another D23 Expo until 2019, since Disney only holds the convention every other year. In the off years, D23 – the official fan club of the Walt Disney Company – holds Destination D, a smaller-scale expo, which is usually focused on a theme such as animation or the Parks, so we don’t get the massive wave of updates that we typically see at the D23 Expo.

There definitely is plenty of content to go around, which raises the question:

Should the D23 Expo be held every year?

Is it a good thing to keep the event as a bi-annual tradition? Would every year be an overload and diminish the effect of the announcements? Or does Disney have so much new stuff each year that it would have no problem packing a schedule every year? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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