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Top 10 Siblings in Animated Movies

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Ah, siblings. Love them or hate them, siblings make life interesting, especially in animated movies. Siblings play such a important role in movies that I have compiled a short list of the top 10 sibling pairs or groups in animated films. Sorry, but I won’t be including siblings from TV shows; that would make this list way too long.

Note: This list contains spoilers!


#10 – The Darling Siblings (Peter Pan)

Wendy, John, and Michael Darling have been flying into viewers’ hearts since 1953. They are extremely close, bonding over their shared interest of Peter Pan and looking out for each other during their crazy adventures in Neverland. Wendy clearly acts as the leader by caring for her brothers, telling them stories, and acting like an excellent role model (standing up to Captain Hook takes some guts). These siblings make us wish they never had to grow up.


#9 – Ben and Saoirse (Song of the Sea)

At the start of this Oscar-nominated movie, Ben and Saoirse are not the closest of siblings. Ben, in fact, acts like a domineering, bullying older sibling to his quiet, sweet little sister, Saoirse, who repeatedly tries to befriend him. Ben’s mean attitude stems from a tragic event on the night Saoirse was born. Over the course of the film, Ben learns to better love and appreciate his sister which brings them closer together by the end.


#8 – Violet, Dash, and Jack Jack Parr (The Incredibles)

Violet and Dash embody the typical sibling relationship—fighting and teasing each other on a daily basis. Their shenanigans are only amplified with their superpowers. Though they may fight every day, you can be sure they will do anything to protect each other whenever danger or villains come around. Baby Jack Jack is mostly absent from the film, but Violet and Dash clearly care for him, and he gets to shine when he takes on the nefarious Syndrome.


#7 – Jack Frost and Pippa (Rise of the Guardians)

Jack Frost doesn’t get much screen time with his little sister Pippa (I had to check IMD for clarification of her name). Despite the limited interaction, we can clearly see that Jack is very close to Pippa, even sacrificing his life to save her. This act of selflessness is made more heartwarming and heart-wrenching when Jack unlocks his memories from his mortal life, inspiring him to fully embrace his destiny as a Guardian. While Pippa isn’t frequently seen in the movie, she plays a pivotal role in Jack Frost’s personal journey.


“BRAVE” (L-R) MERIDA amongst the triplets: HARRIS, HUBERT and HAMISH; KING FERGUS and QUEEN ELINOR. ©2011 Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

#6 – Merida and the Triplets (Brave)

Merida may love riding though the glen, firing arrows into the sunset, but she also adores her little brothers. The triplets—Hubert, Harris, and Hamish—are a trio of mischief and fun. They’ll do anything for a plate of delicious pastries, and they’ll gladly help their older sister when she’s in trouble but at a price, of course. When their mom is in danger, Merida can count on her brothers to aid her whether it be stealing a key or leading the clans on a wild goose chase around the castle.


#5 – Jiro and Kayo (The Wind Rises)

Jiro and his little sister Kayo don’t have a lot of screen time together, but their relationship is obviously a close one. Kayo may come across a little bossy and impatient towards her older brother, but she clearly loves him. Jiro, too, is a wonderful older brother; he supports Kayo’s desire to become a doctor, even promising to talk to their dad about allowing her to pursue college when she grows older.


#4 – Ruffnut and Tuffnut (How to Train Your Dragon)

Ruffnut and Tuffnut are inseparable, and they constantly bicker and fight like no other siblings in animation. They may be secondary characters to Hiccup and Astrid, but their shenanigans provide great comic relief in the films. It’s also great to see the two work out a partnership that allows them to simultaneously argue with one another and fly a dragon without killing themselves in the process.


#3 – Hiro and Tadashi (Big Hero 6)

This sibling duo is truly heartwarming. When Tadashi isn’t rescuing his little brother Hiro from trouble, he’s either pushing Hiro to be a better person or working on project that will benefit society. Hiro clearly adores his big brother and looks up to him as a role model, so it’s all the more heartbreaking when Tadashi dies, leaving a grieving Hiro behind. However, Tadashi is not completely gone as his legacy lives on in the inflatable robot Baymax who seeks to help and protect others.


#2 – Margo, Edith, and Agnes (Despicable Me)

These three girls stole viewers’ hearts in 2010 when they served as a lovable foil to the super-villain Gru. As orphaned sisters, they stick together through thick and thin and protect each other from any danger. They may have different personalities and interests, but their unique characters only bring them closer together. Scheming Gru is definitely no match to their spunky and sassy attitudes.


#1 – Anna and Elsa (Frozen)

Alright; you probably saw this one coming, but Anna and Elsa are undoubtedly the most famous sibling pair in animation right now. Both sisters embody sibling love for each other. Elsa locked herself away in hopes of protecting Anna from further harm while Anna constantly sought to draw her sister out of her bedroom. Anna’s love is later exemplified when she protects Elsa at the cost of her own life. Both girls show their love in different ways which has positive and negative consequences in the film. In the end, however, both learn the power and value of love.

What siblings in animation are your favorite? Comment below!

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  • I definitely love the realistic sibling feel from the Incredibles and was so much fun when me and my own siblings compared ourselves to the heroes, ahhhh the good old days
    This list was very cool and fun to read!!

  • Rachel Wagner

    I love this list and the variety of types of films you focused on. I can’t even think of any that you didn’t include.

  • Manuel Orozco

    Hiro & Tadashi and the Pars are my favorite of this bunch. One sibling act that should be mentioned is Remy and Emile from Ratatouille! The siblings of Big Hero 6 and Frozen cannot be compared even though I prefer superheroes over princesses.

  • Hm, I think Nani and Lilo should earn a spot up there. Their relationship is a really interesting one, since Nani has to be both the parent and sister figure for Lilo. Other than that, awesome list!

    • Fadi Antwan

      Yes, yes, and yes. That movie is a hear-warmer.

    • Yes! They have an amazing relationship.

      • Roo

        Yeah, I am definitely surprised Nani and Lilo aren’t up there! How could they not be? They perhaps have one of the most dynamic sibling relationships in Disney animation history (besides the newer Frozen, whose focus is solely on the sibling relationship), if not in general animation history.

        I’d remove Jack Frost and Pippa, sad as that backstory may be, and then add in Nani and Lilo for second place, everyone behind them effectively dropping down one rank.

        Pippa merely served as an added in backstory for Jack Frost and hardly any relationship between the siblings is explored. Pippa is not given much personality at all; she’s purely there as added material for Jack.

  • Actually Pippa was one of the names of Jamie’s friends in the movie. It’s never made clear what Jack’s sister’s name is.

  • Great list! Love the you included Ruffnut and Tuffnut. 🙂
    I would also add Wirt and Greg from Over the Garden Wall, though I guess that is a mini-series, so I guess it doesn’t quite work. Oh well. They are a great pair though. 🙂

  • lillypad2114

    YES Ruff&Tuff!! From what I understand in the Books it is only Tuffnut, but personally I like the inclusion of his sister. Too bad most people haven’t seen the series (the CN one or Netflix) as they really have been much more fleshed out in the many episodes. I especially love that Ruffnut single-handedly trained a Scauldron (one of the wildest dragons known to Vikings) and that she would do anything to save her brother (Bad Moon Rising honestly made me tear up a little at how much she actually does care for her other half). Great list, Idk if I would have the three girls from DM on the list but that is just my personal vendetta. I would have added Nani and Lilo from Disney’s Lilo and Stitch as they have one of the most unique sibling situations. Still great job!

  • Rachel Wagner

    The only one I might have included is Bart and Lisa because they are iconic siblings for me.

  • Gita

    In my opinion Seita and Setsuko from Grave of the Fireflies should be #1 or at least in the list also should be Nani and Lilo.