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“Always Two There Are” ‘Star Wars Rebels’ S2E4 Recap/Review

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We’re back in high gear! I thought the previous two episodes this season were a bit slow, with all the focus on the clones and a barren, desert planet. Well no more! With Always Two There Are, we get back to exciting outer space adventure and we are introduced to an awesome new female villain!


The episode opens with Kanan trying to teach Ezra to levitate Chopper. Ezra can’t quite make it happen and he gets frustrated. Captain Rex suggests he look with his eyes at the same time he looks through the Force. Had he done this, he would have seen that Chopper locked himself to the floor.


Rex tells them that the Jedi he served under during the clone wars used his wits as well as the Force and insinuates that he would make a better teacher for Ezra. Just as Kanan and Rex about to start an argument, Hera interrupts to show them she discovered an old abandoned Republic medical station in the files from the clones. She wants Sabine to take Zeb and Chopper to check it out and see if they can find any supplies.


When she leaves, Kanan and Rex go back to arguing and, while they are distracted, Ezra follows the others into the Phantom as they take off. He’d rather face the potential danger with them than stay and get caught in the verbal crossfire on the Ghost.

When they arrive on the medical station everything is dark. As they try to find their way around Sabine stops to tag the wall, but something lurks in the shadows. It looks like a small probe droid. As Sabine disappears around the corner, a female voice on the droid’s com tells it that she’ll be right there.


In the control panel Sabine has Chopper power up a control panel, but he inadvertently restores power to the entire station. She has him power it back down immediately and look for files that might help them find the medical supplies. Chopper finds the files, but they are all corrupted.

Elsewhere, on one of the Empire’s star destroyers, Agent Kallus is alerted that they have detected a power surge on an old medical station. He brushes it off as a malfunction, but the Inquisitor we met last episode tells him that he knows it is the rebels they are looking for and that he will take care of them alone.


As the others explore the station, looking for the medical supplies, Chopper tries to repair the damaged files. As he works he hears something out in the corridor and goes to see what it is for himself. Finding nothing, he is about to turn back when he is attacked by the little droid. It knocks him over and starts messing around with his wiring. As Chopper is shut down he manages to send a distress message to Ezra.


The crew is quite a ways from the control room, so Ezra suggests they crawl up through the vents as a shortcut. Zeb gets stuck, but Ezra and Sabine can’t afford to wait and hurry on ahead. When they get back to the control room floor, Chopper is nowhere to be found and they are surprised by a masked female with a lightsaber who they quickly identify as a new Inquisitor.


Ezra engages her immediately, but suddenly the Empire’s Inquisitor appears. With no other option, they run, but Ezra is caught by the female Inquisitor’s droids. Thinking quickly he disables the door that Sabine just ran through, so there is no way for her to come back or for them to get her. The female Inquisitor tells the other that he is not to kill Ezra. He is to be used as bait. She tells him to go find the girl, while she and Ezra have a talk.

Sabine races back to where Zeb is stuck and frees him. She tells him what just happened and that they need to save Ezra. Zeb wants to contact Kanan, but Sabine warns him that sending any signal could potentially compromise the fleet. They need to save Ezra themselves.


Elsewhere, the female Inquisitor has restrained Ezra and questions him. She tells him the death of the Grand Inquisitor led to new opportunities for the rest of the Inquisitors. There are many hunting his group now and the others are all intent on killing them. She tells Ezra she has no such plans. Yet.


In the darkness of the station the other Inquisitor closes in on Zeb and Sabine. He has them trapped behind stacks of supply crates and there’s nowhere for them to go. As he approaches them, knowing full well they are there, Sabine clicks a trigger activating four bombs all around the Inquisitor. Nothing happens. She frantically tries to set them off, but it’s no use. Using the Force, the Inquisitor picks up the explosives and pushes them toward Zeb and Sabine as they try to outrun them. The bombs go off, knocking them both unconscious. He picks up Sabine and tells the droids that Zeb is theirs.


When Zeb comes to, the droids are upon him. They crawl all over him, electrocuting him, but he doesn’t give up. Eventually he smashes all the droids, but he realizes the crates they were hiding behind contain the supplies he and Sabine were looking for!

Meanwhile the Inquisitor is still trying to get information out of Ezra. He refuses to tell her anything, and says he is able to resist her because he is growing more powerful every day. She taunts him, telling him that it’s a shame there is no one left to train him since the Jedi are all dead. He tells her that not everyone is dead and she smiles, saying they know about Ahsoka Tano. Ezra plays dumb, but she brandishes her lightsaber at him and tells him that she only needs him alive. She doesn’t need him in one piece.


Down one of the corridors, Zeb finds Chopper, still shut down, lying on the ground. He pounds on him, which turns him back on, and the two head back to the ship.

The male Inquisitor brings Sabine into the interrogation room and tosses her on the floor next to Ezra. He asks the female what Ezra revealed, but she refuses to tell him. She tells Ezra to contact his friends, but he refuses and instead asks Sabine where Zeb is. She tells him they had tried to fight but Zeb never had a chance.

At the Phantom, Zeb loads in the supplies he found and tells Chopper that, if they leave the station, he knows they will never see the Ezra and Sabine again. Instead he calls Ezra’s com and pretends to be Commander Meiloorun, asking if they were okay. The Inquisitors force them to request help, but – knowing it’s only Zeb – they ask him to bring Kanan and Ahsoka. Zeb tells them to meet him in Bay Six and to keep their chin up.


When they get to the hanger, Ezra looks up and sees the Phantom parked on the ceiling. Suddenly one of the Inquisitor’s droids alerts them to the ship. Zeb takes off, shooting at the Inquisitors and distracting them so Ezra and Sabine can escape. He opens the back hatch and they jump in, but the female Inquisitor catches their ship using the force and won’t let them go. Sabine shoots at them and Zeb steps on the gas, pulling the Inquisitor with them and forcing her to let go, and they fly to safety.


Back at the Ghost Ezra tells Kanan about the two Inquisitors, who are news to him. No one knew there were more Inquisitors. Ezra tells him they know about Ahsoka and Kanan tells them that he will let her know. As the others leave, Kanan tells Rex and Hera that they really have no idea what they are up against.



“Always Two There Are” was great! I was a huge fan of Asajj Ventress back during Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and I have felt since the beginning of Rebels that the series needs a presence like hers. I really hope this new Inquisitor will fit that bill. She certainly seems to be a significant threat judging solely on her first appearance here.

This new Inquisitor is voiced by Sarah Michelle Prinze (Gellar) known to most genre fans as Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I have not seen much of Buffy myself, but – from what I have seen – I know she’s awesome and she is fully capable of making this character as awesome as possible.


The Star Wars wiki identified her character as “The Seventh Sister,” and the other Inquisitor as “The Fifth Brother,” but I chose not to refer to them by those names as they have not actually been called them in the show. However, since I assume these are their official names, I wonder if the Seventh Sister has any connection to the Nightsisters (the females of the species that Asajj Ventress is from). The wiki names her species as Mirialan, the same species as Luminara Unduli and Barriss Offee, but the use of the term “Sister” still gives me pause. She could be using a lot of makeup… I suppose “Brother” should as well, since the males were the Nightbrothers, but he doesn’t look at all like Darth Maul, who also belonged to the same species, so I’m not sure what to think. I suppose he could be hiding the horns under his hat…


Getting on to the episode itself, I thought it was the best episode since the premiere. There was so much more going on. The clones get pretty dull to me, so I was so glad we weren’t focusing on them this time.

I love a good deep space adventure and this episode was all about that. With an abandoned medical station, dark corridors, and hidden dangers, it was such a shift from the bright, sandy nothingness of the planet in the last two episodes.

The new little probe droids, named by the wiki as Seekers, were great. They were almost cute in a robotic sort of way, but just as dangerous as their bigger brothers and not afraid to attack. The big probe droids always seem to run away when they’re caught, but these things just jump on you with their claws out. Or their grippy, little robot hands.


I also want to just give a shout-out to the music in this episode, in particular the awesome female soprano who sang during the lightsaber battle. I love a good operatic soprano, especially when used in a film or a television score like this one. It was such an awesome touch. They didn’t need to add it, but its inclusion made the scene so much richer.

Final Thoughts

This episode was great. It had so many things I love in a space adventure and it introduced us to a formidable new enemy. I can’t wait to see what happens from here!


What did you think of this episode of Star War Rebels? What did you think of The Seventh Sister?

Edited by: Hannah Wilkes

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  • Rachel Wagner

    This was a very intense episode!

    • I agree, an intense and creepy episode. Nothing like running around an abandoned creaky hospital with two psychopaths chasing you!

      I had no idea that “Buffy” voiced the Seventh Sister! It’s fun to know when people can switch their voices from heroes to villain and you can tell when they are having fun with it. It was creepy watching Seventh Sister try to flirt with Ezra and funny when he told her to shut up.

      What impresses me is how our central heroes in “Rebels” may have had some background training (Zeb was a guard, Sabine was in the Academy) but in tight scenarios they have to rely on their wits and each other to survive. Zeb did a good job covering for Ezra and Sabine so they could make their escape.