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Sony Pictures Animation Welcomes Kristine Belson as President of Animation

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Three weeks ago, we reported on a major shakeup at Sony Pictures Animation, where Michelle Raimo Kouyate stepped down from her position as President of Animation. Now we bring news of a successor who has taken the reigns.

According to a press release, Kristine Belson has joined Sony Pictures Animation as the new president of production. In this role, Belson will lead the development and production of original material as well as current and future franchises for the company, with a focus towards creating an environment that nurtures animators and artists.

While Amy Pascal no longer serves as chairman of Sony (that position recently went to Tom Rothman), she was able to praise Kristine in the press release, saying: “I’m thrilled to have Kristine join the studio – I know she has a first-rate sense of story and a great eye for material.” Pascal continued, “But she’s more than that: Kristine is a visionary who will make our animation studio a home where the animation industry’s best talent can come and make the films they want to make. I am confident Kristine will help SPA become an even more vital component of the way we construct our overall slate.”

Like her predecessor before her, Kristine also comes from DreamWorks Animation, where she produced and executive-produced films such as How to Train Your Dragon and The Croods. She joined DreamWorks back in 2005 as the then-head of development, where she oversaw the development and acquisition of all feature film projects for the company.

“Ten years ago I was lucky enough to join DreamWorks Animation, where I developed a deep understanding and love of the artistry of animation,” Belson added, “I am now so charged up to be able to bring my experience and perspective to Sony Pictures Animation, to build on what they’ve begun and to reach new heights. I am deeply grateful to Amy, my first mentor, for giving me this incredible opportunity.”

What effect this will have on the large library of films waiting to be brought into the development stage still remains to be seen.

What do you think? Any thoughts about her in relation to the future of Sony Pictures Animation?

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