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Top 10 ‘Frozen’ Merchandise You Should Own


Disney Stores, bookstores and other stores are already filled with it: Frozen merchandise! There is so much to choose from, unfortunately most of us don’t have enough money to buy all the merchandise here is a list of the 10 must-have Frozen merchandise you should buy.

frozen-ornament-set10. Frozen Sketchbook Ornament Set

Why? With Christmas is just around the corner, how awesome is it if you decorate your Christmas tree with Frozen figurines? The characters perfectly fit the holiday feel and they are just so beautifully detailed. This set comes with Elsa, Anna and Olaf.


Disney Store

How much?


9. Anna or Elsa mug

Why? Can you imagine anything better way waking up and sipping your favorite hot beverage from a Frozen mugs? These sturdy-looking, beautiful mugs from the Disney Store contain art by the amazing Brittney Lee.


Disney Store: Anna | Elsa

How much?


8. Frozen: The E
ssential Guide

Why? The Frozen Essential Guide is a book that’s fun to have after you’ve seen the movie. It contains beautiful movie stills and a lot of informational facts about the characters. Our review on this book is also coming soon to the site soon.


Amazon and various bookstores.

How Much?


Frozen-Disney-Store-Playset7. Frozen Figurine Playset

Why? This Frozen figurine playset contains mini plastic figures of the six main characters in Frozen. These play sets have proven very successful for Disney, as there is one available for nearly every princess film. They’re fun to play with as kid (and adult), but they’re also perfect to decorate your boring office or home. Also, the $13 price point makes it a great gift for a young son, daughter, niece, nephew, or friend!


Disney Store

How Much?


Anna-classic-doll6. Frozen Classic Dolls

Why? Disney already released these four Frozen classic dolls: Anna, Elsa, Kristoff and Hans. All of them are beautifully detailed and the look exactly like the characters in the movie. These dolls are fun to play with but they are also great to collect.


Disney Store: Anna/Elsa/Kristoff/Hans

How Much?

$16.95 each

Sister-More-Like-Me5. Sister More Like Me (Book)  

Why? This very well written book, illustrated by the amazing Disney artist Brittney Lee, is fun to read for every age. It’s not the story of Frozen, but a new story with the characters Anna and Elsa. I love the illustration style that was used in this book, so if you are a fan of Brittney, you have to own this book!  


Amazon and bookstores.

How much? 




4. Sven plush

Why? Who doesn’t love this cute reindeer? And now you can have your own Sven. I know it’s a plush version but  he’s still very cute and you can cuddle him!


Disney Store

How Much?



Frozen-Soundtrack-frozen-35659358-1280-12803. Frozen Soundtrack (Deluxe)

Why? The Frozen soundtrack is something every Disney fan should own because it not only contains the film’s awe-inspiring songs written by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, but also the score composed by Christophe Beck. The Deluxe edition also contains demos, outtakes and karaoke versions of the songs, so if you are a Frozen fan you should pre-order the Deluxe edition right away.


Amazon or iTunes

How much?


art-of-frozen-cover2. The Art of Frozen

Why? The Art of Frozen is an art book filled with beautiful concept art created during production of Frozen. This book will go into detail the development of the film and will explore the film’s creation from start to finish from deleted scenes and characters, character design, set design, to lighting and final rendering. Much of the concept art for this film was created by some of the best artists in the animation industry like Brittney Lee, Jin Kim and Lisa Keene. This book is a must-have for an animation and Frozen fan.


Amazon and bookstores

How much?



LE-Frozen-dolls1. Frozen: Anna and Elsa Limited Edition Dolls

Why? These gorgeous Anna and Elsa dolls are very exclusive and rare. You can buy them as a sister set or purchase the dolls individually. They are exquisite, detailed and definitely not meant for playtime. They are collector items: only 100 of the Anna and Elsa set and only 2500 of the individual Anna/Elsa dolls were made.


Harrods (London), soon also Disney Stores

How much?

£500 set (Harrods), $99.95 each individually (Disney Store)


There you have it. The top 10 with the best Frozen merchandise you should definitely own. The good think is that most of the merchandise is already available, so you can buy them right now on Amazon or at your local Disney Store.

Which Frozen merchandise you already own and which Frozen merchandise you would like to buy? What merchandise do you want to buy that didn’t make this list?

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Max is an animation fan from The Netherlands. His favorite animated movies are Beauty and the Beast and Ratatouille.and he loves everything Disney or Pixar related. He loves art and is obsessed with animation art books.
  • Stephanie

    After two trips to the Disney Store, I now have the Elsa tumbler, the finger puppet set, tote bag, and the Anna & Elsa plush dolls. I will definitely be picking up the soundtrack, Art of Frozen book, and a few of the story books. A stuffed Olaf (and maybe Sven) will probably be part of my next Disney Store trip.

  • Ember Lily

    The soundtrack is a MUST HAVE!!! The mug is super cute, its totally going on my Christmas list

  • http://www.garywrightonline.blogspot.com/ Gary Wright

    Elsa mug and Olaf plush :D

  • Maria

    Definitely getting the Elsa classic doll, though in considering an Anna mug or Olaf plush as well. :D

  • Brandon Kelly

    I have the Frozen Ornaments. It is a gift for someone special in my life. Hope she likes it.

  • Anna Bjorman

    I absolutley love the artowrk and detail on the mugs and just the whole mug in general! i also love how Anna is pink and Elsa is blue. Perfection

  • Taylor

    I have the Elsa and Anna toddler dolls, Anna LE doll, Anna and Elsa plush, Sven plush, Olaf plush, Anna mug, Anna t-shirt, Frozen snowglobe, the Big Golden Book, the junior novelization, Anna tumbler cup, Anna classic doll, the pen set, the collector cup from the movies with Anna and Elsa toppers, 700 of the reusable gift bags (more like 5) aaaand… that’s it for now. But my collection is growing! I may have a slight problem.

  • Ember Lily


  • Jestress

    I joined the party sorta late… Well, actually I pre-ordered the “Art Of” book as soon as it went up, but I thought that would be it. But then I saw those damn mugs. And I stared at them for a day or two. And then went “f**k it” and bought them off eBay (I’m European). Then I found a version of the “Big Golden Book” in my language and I went home with it. Then I pre-ordered the Disney Infinity figures because “adorabz!”… When LE Anna made the order list and then was soon joined by the Deluxe OST and “A Sister More Like Me” I knew I had a problem.

    Funny thing is, I think I prefer “Tangled” and Rapunzel but somehow the “Tangled” merch just doesn’t do it for me like “Frozen” stuff does. And I blame that a lot on the bad images they slap onto “Tangled” merchandise… It’s the same 3-4 badly drawn images of Rapunzel being all princessy. The beautiful Brittney Lee art style and the quality and design-accurateness of the LEs makes them a lot more desirable.

  • Tina

    I got so much stuff and most of it is olaf related. I think I may have a problem seeing as my $30 I get a week as for a few weeks all went to walmart for frozen items.

  • Leigh

    I got a HUGE Olaf plush! I’m so happy! :D (I gave him lots of hugs XD)