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Mysterious New Trailer for Infinity Train Released Online

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There’s a brand new trailer out right now for Cartoon Network’s upcoming show, Infinity Train! Infinity Train is a mysterious new show from Regular Show writer, Owen Dennis, which looks to be somewhere in the vein of Gravity Falls and Adventure Time.

There are currently two ways to watch this teaser, and one of them involves a bit of sleuthing on the part of the viewer. Two days ago a mysterious teaser was uploaded to the Cartoon Network YouTube channel.

This teaser displays only the show’s green infinity symbol, but a link in the description of the video on YouTube, leads you to a website with a puzzle with no instructions.

If you would like to figure out the puzzle on your own, I’ll let you look over the site before I reveal the key.

As you can see, upon entering, the main feature of the site is a playable keyboard. This seems to be about the only thing you can interact with.

If you play around with the keyboard, you can tell it has a familiar sound. The notes it plays sound a lot like the synthesizer used in the four note tune that has been featured in the teasers for the show so far.

If you’re like me and your ability to read music only goes so far, I can give you the key, but feel free to play around with the keyboard until you figure it out.

Ready for the answer? To unlock the trailer for Infinity Train, use the keyboard to play a high D, then go down to B, then back up to high G, and finish with an F#.

Now, in case you don’t want to go through all that effort, Cartoon Network has also released the trailer on their YouTube channel. Personally I think they should have left it as a puzzle to solve for more than just one day, but whatever. I still think the puzzle adds to the experience of the trailer, so I recommend you try it out either way. However, if you just want the trailer itself, here it is.

Personally I am really excited for this new show! The experience of Gravity Falls and Adventure Time will likely never be duplicated, but this really feels like it will fill the void that those two shows have left behind. I am so excited to solve the mysteries of the Infinity Train with Tulip!

What did you think of this new teaser? Are you excited for Infinity Train?

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