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Slavic Cyberpunk Feature ‘Cyberslav’ Debuts Trailer

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*This is a user-submitted post by Evgeniy Spitsin*

We’ve seen a lot of cyberpunk interpretations throughout the years from different countries, and the Russian animation studio, Evil Pirate Studio, is bringing its own unique touch to the genre by merging Old Slavic with cyberpunk in its new animated feature project Cyberslav. The artists at Evil Pirate Studio have previously worked on music videos and short films, but now they are aiming for something bigger: making Cyberslav into a feature-length movie. Check out the trailer below.

Cyberslav depicts a world, where bogatyrs (very strong warriors from Russian tales) and evil forest creatures coexist, living in a setting where plasma guns, cyborgs, and other futuristic technologies are the norm. The film will focus on one bogatyr who takes a journey filled with interesting encounters and dangers where he will meet heroes from Russian folklore, represented in a radical new look. Some of these legendary heroes will get in the bogatyr’s way, but others will help our hero stop a sanguinary war between humankind and the evil forest creatures. Along the way, the movie will reveal why Ancient Russia possesses futuristic technologies and cyborgs.


Interest is growing around Evil Pirate Studio’s unique vision for Cyberslav, which is in the early stage of production. Currently, though, there is no date for when Cyberslav is coming out,

For more information about Evil Pirate Studios, check out the studio’s Facebook page.

What do you think of Evil Pirate Studio’s Cyberslav? Would you like to see a feature-length film of the world and story?

Edited by: Kelly Conley

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