Indie-Mation Club Week 16: ‘Yellow Submarine’

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Amongst several live-action films, The Beatles also boast this pop psychedelic world of whimsy, bringing to life their classic songs in a strange and amusing animated trip.

In the distant Pepperland, music is a way of life, featuring Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, but the grumpy Blue Meanies want to end the music and launch an ambush on the peaceful Pepperland people. A naval man named Fred escapes in the land’s yellow submarine, on a mission to find help, and ends up trailing The Beatles in England. He begs their help – “Won’t you please, please, help me?” – and soon enough they’re off on a quest to save Pepperland.

Yellow Submarine is a fun and strange romp through British, pop, and Beatles-esque humor, sprinkled with Beatles songs in a mostly sensical manner. If you’re looking for it to make complete sense, though, you’re looking in the wrong place. Press play with an open mind and just let the wackiness happen.

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