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‘The Breadwinner’ Story Contest

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The Breadwinner is such a special film that they aren’t content to just tell Parvana’s story but they want to empower women and girls of all backgrounds to share their stories. The team behind the film are sponsoring a contest called The Breadwinner Stories and we would love to have a good Roto-Nation representation enter!

On the website they state the purpose of the contest is “to collect and share stories about gender equality with one goal in mind- harness the power of storytelling to amplify our message of education and empowerment. The more stories we share, the greater our collective ability to shape the conversation about the empowerment of women and girls around the world”

To enter you must:

1. Create your short story, artwork, and social posts about an inspiring woman or supportive ally,

2. Follow The Breadwinner on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

3. Post your entry on social media with the hashtag #Breadwinnerstories and tag The Breadwinner. They will then keep track of which posts get the most likes and shares in the voting process.

4. Submit the link to your social media post as an entry on the website form.

We would love if you also tag Rotoscopers and let us know what stories you are telling!

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