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‘Teen Titans Go!’ Heads for the Big Screen on July 2018

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Teen Titans Go!

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There’s no escaping Robin and his wacky superhero sidekicks at this point. Teen Titans Go! is currently the most popular (and polarizing) show on Cartoon Network, up to the point that it has practically consumed the channel’s schedule. If clogging Cartoon Network isn’t enough of an accomplishment for the show, how about an entire theatrical animated feature of it?

As reported by ScreenRant, Warner Bros. has announced that an animated Teen Titans Go! movie has been fast-tracked to be released in cinemas on July 27, 2018. This news has also been confirmed by Beast Boy’s voice actor Greg Cipes via Twitter.

Very little is known about the project at this point. It has not been stated if the movie will have a limited or wide release, nor if it will be released under the Warner Animation Group banner.

It is also worth noting that this will not be the only big Teen Titans-related project of 2018, as a live-action Titans series will release exclusively on DC’s streaming service that same year.

Teen Titans Go!, which is currently in its fourth season with over 190 episodes since 2013, follows the comedic hijinks of Robin, Beast Boy, Raven, Cyborg, and Starfire while they are not fighting crime. Although the show has been massively popular among children, it has earned a notoriously negative reception from older animation fans (especially those of the 2003 Teen Titans series) and has become a popular target for cartoon reviewers.

While I myself am not among those who hate the show with a burning passion, it’s juvenile approach just isn’t to my taste. However, it remains questionable how the show’s 11-minute gag structure will be expanded into a cohesive feature-length narrative. But considering that it’s now ten months from release, we should get more information about the project shortly.

Are you excited to join the Titans’ big screen adventure, or are you dreading it as the apocalypse of animation? One-two-three-four-go share your thoughts!

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