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New Trailer for New Nickelodeon Series ‘Mysticons’, Airing August 2017

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This is a user-submitted post by Erik Stensrud.

A while back Nickelodeon announced a new 2-D animated TV series, known as Mysticons. And now the moment has arrived: our first official trailer was released on YouTube, which can you check out below.

For a little background: Mysticons began as a boys’ property with the four main characters being male, but later it was reworked to target a female audience which now stars four girls! As was revealed on Kidscreen, the plot synopsis is as follows:

“Written by Sean Jara, (RedaKai, The League of Super Evil), the half-hour animated series is targeted to girls over the age of six, and follows the stories of four girls who transform into warriors and undertake a quest to find a magic tome called the Codex.”

So you may be wondering why I showed up all of a sudden out of nowhere, having never written a post on the Rotoscopers website before. Well, that’s because… I’m an animator on this show! Which is why I’m so, so excited for you all to see it. I really want people know about Mysticons, since the marketing seems to be just starting, and the show is already so close to release. It was super cool to finally be able to see characters like Dreadbane, the skeletons, and that bearded guy (who’s name hasn’t been officially revealed yet) in a trailer, all characters I’ve animated before and have been looking forward to people seeing!

Mysticons airs August 2017 on Nickelodeon.

What do you guys think so far? Are you excited? Curious? Let us know in the comments!

Edited by: Kelly Conley

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