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Animation Addicts Podcast 151: ‘My Neighbor Totoro’ – Cat Bus. Why Didn’t I Think of That?

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Chelsea and Morgan are left with more questions than answers in this review of Studio Ghibli’s My Neighbor Totoro.


  • Patron shout out!
  • General info (from Box Office Mojo, IMDB, & Wikipedia and the great and powerful internet)
  • Cultural impact and critical reception
  • Trailer reaction
  • We watched the Disney 2005 dub
  • The film is partially autobiographical
  • The theme song: Chelsea wants Owl City
  • Lost in translation
  • Are these spirit legends real or is he just a good dad?
  • Well, that escalated quickly.
  • “What is the theme/lesson this story is supposed to be teaching?”
  • So many questions
  • Cat Bus. What, where, when, why, how?
  • Real, but not real. Commit!
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Runtime: 00:53:04, 40.1 MB

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