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‘Tangled’ TV Series to Launch with New Original Movie in March

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Disney Channel has new details about its upcoming Tangled television program.

After some inconsistencies concerning the show’s title, we now know that Tangled: The Series is the official name of the new half-hour program. Tangled: Before Ever After will be a new Disney Channel Original Movie that will serve as the pilot for the series. The film will air in March (no specific date announced yet), and the series will follow sometime later this year (date also unknown).

However, there’s a lot of juicy new details that we do know, thanks to this trailer:

Here we see what we were promised: the original voice cast, including Mandy Moore as Rapunzel and Zachary Levi as Flynn, a unique animation style, and an explanation for the return of Rapunzel’s long, blonde hair.

This strategy of launching a new series with a film is nothing new for Disney Channel. The same thing happened for Lilo & Stitch: The Series, which premiered in 2003 with the direct-to-video Stitch! The Movie as its first story point. More recently, The Lion Guard and Elena of Avalor also debuted with double-episode premieres billed as “movies.” The running time of Tangled: Before Ever After is yet to be determined, though since it’s labeled a Disney Channel Original Movie, it’s likely to be feature-length. The subtitle Before Ever After refers to the film and series’ placement within the Tangled timeline. These new adventures take place before the short film Tangled Ever After, which saw Rapunzel and Flynn officially tying the knot in marriage.

Tangled: The Series is the first non-preschool animated program developed from an animated Disney movie since The Emperor’s New School in 2006.

We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to discover new dreams with this crew come March. Stay tuned for more details as they surface.

What do you this of the new trailer? Will you watch the new movie and series?

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