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Animation Addicts 128: ‘Bambi’ – Twitterpated

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The Rotoscopers have gone on strike! Last minute they decided to review the Walt Disney classic, Bambi, instead of Ice Age 5. Was it a good decision? You be the judge!


  • Nerdy couch discussion: Why we decided to record Bambi today.
  • Main discussion: Bambi (Patron pick by Greg Wilde).
  • The movie is based on Bambi, A Life in the Woods (1923) by Austrian author Felix Salten.
  • Naturalism – not set in a fantasy world.
  • Tyrus Wong did a lot of the background paintings. At age 105, he is still going strong!
  • “April Showers” arguably the most complex piece of animation in the film.
  • We gotta talk about Bambi’s mama (spoiler: she dies!)
  • Conservationist / environmentalist message and backlash.
  • Were the hunters there illegally? (Do we even care?) A “shot-by-shot” analysis by Mason
  • We rate it!
  • Mini discussion on Ice Age 5
  • Voicemail: Rachel and Jeremiah

Runtime: 01:13:24, 52.8MB



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